wireless bridges, tivos, and networks and subnets, oh my!

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    I have to agree with you Diana, attempting to explain things to a general audience using the precise or proper terms and theories of Medicine, Engineering, Network Admin, Plumbing or other trades would just go over our heads, and that is not what most people are seeking. I think Joe Blow (also Joe Sixpack) understands that they are getting a simplified explanation for the common man and not the professional colleague version that would just serve to confuse dear Joe or Jane. I've also seen MANY posts on this and other forums from those asking for help having to ask for the "layman's" explanation after someone posts a "proper" for fellow professionals explanation. In other word's, such tech talk was of NO HELP to the one seeking the help in the first place.

    I've also found that some--not all--such people who insist upon talking to people who are not professionals in whatever field as if they are fellow educated colleagues in that field, usually serves to make the explainer a pedant, with a great need to appear superior to others because of low self-esteem. My many medical Doctor's don't talk to me in Latin, and I would not want them to do so. Thank goodness Dr. Carl Sagan came down to earth to help us understand our universe just a bit better by talking to us in terms for those who are not Astronomers, Cosmologists or other scientists. After all, this is a general audience forum.
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    I see where that can be a problem. ;-)

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