Windows 10 periodically freezes for 15-30 seconds Asus TP300LA

Discussion in 'Post Testing Area' started by 19972000muskrat, Oct 8, 2018.

  1. 19972000muskrat

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    Jan 2, 2008
    Found this old thread Windows 10 periodically freezes for 15-30 seconds And User AdamMajoros has exact same issue and laptop as me.

    Has there ever been a resolution to this issue? I have had this issue ever since my original drive went out and I installed a SSD drive. I had to reinstall Win 8.1 just in order to use this computer. Actually even got worse when reinstalling Win 8.1 from Microsoft's Download version because I had no original backup. When first booting up after that 8.1 install the laptop was so bad I only had about 5 sec out of every 30 sec I could actually get a response from the computer. After updates got installed it started working normally. The device manager never did show that all the devices were working about 4 yellowed out issues. I then installed Win 10 and although seemed better than 1st time around still has freeze issues with 100% active disk drive with no data sometimes never see this under 8.1 version. The device manager in Win 10 shows everything good however.

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