Will Sonos Work w/ Tivo Roamio?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by esilbe1, May 9, 2017.

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    I have a Tivo Roamio and a Sony Soundbar that gives me passive control over three devices (Tivo, Apple TV, and Cable Box). I am interested in upgrading to a Sonos sound bar because of its high marks on various review sites.

    Will the Roamio work with the Sonos sound bar? How would I set it up? Will I get the full Dolby Experience? Do others recommend it?
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    If I remember correctly as awesome as Sonos is for music experience. It can't decode dts.

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    I have Tivo and Sonos (but not the Sonos soundbar). You would simply attach the Sonos soundbar to your TV's audio output just like I presume you do with the Sony.

    The selling point of Sonos speakers is they wirelessly pull audio from network storage or streaming services which is controlled using the Sonos app on your tablet or mobile device. You can also cast to Sonos speakers from supported apps. For example, I subscribe to Google Play music streaming. Using the Google Play app I can cast the audio to Sonos and control the content and volume right from my mobile device. Using the Sonos app I can pull audio from my Google Play subscription, other online streaming services, or from my mp3 library on my networked computer or network attached storage. Using the Sonos app you can also control which speakers are playing which content if you have Sonos speakers in different rooms.

    So, yes, the Sonos soundbar will work in the manner you wish and have these additional capabilities as well but they will be parallel to the operation of your Tivo, not integrated in any meaningful way. And you will be paying a premium for this additional functionality with Sonos as opposed to any other soundbar. If you are looking for soundbar recommendations I have an older model of the Zvox Soundbase that I love. The Zvox products are also well reviewed.
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