Will Roamio get SkipMode?

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by dvdvids, Sep 30, 2015.

  1. TonyD79

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    You are assuming all clients are equal. And would be forcing your newer clients to keep an older set of rules.

    If you were releasing all the client models in a short time span, yes, it would be stupid, but why would you shackle a model released in 2015 with rules setup 10 years ago?

    What I meant was we are not talking generic disk storage here. We are talking about specialty systems that do a select set of tasks. I was throwing a Windows farm out there as a generic term for plain old data serving.

    Anyway, this is way off topic.
  2. Jed1

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    Jun 18, 2013
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    Well I waited until my bedroom unit connected to the service at 4:19PM and no skip mode for me today. If both my units is not authorized sometime tonight I will not get skip mode tomorrow as my bedroom unit will connect at 2:48AM Wednesday morning and my living room unit will connect at 10:43AM Wednesday morning.
    My potential service connection will then be around 6:00AM Thursday for the bedroom unit and 1:00PM Thursday afternoon for the living room unit. So then Thursday will be the possible earliest my units will get skip mode.

    Since TiVo did not roll out skip mode on Friday, Saturday, and Sunday then the next possible day to get skip mode will be Tuesday March 1st. This is assuming when the service connection will fall. It is possible that one unit can get it on Monday February 29th if the unit is authorized in the morning before a possible afternoon service connection.

    I have to wonder why some forum members take it upon themselves to make excuses for TiVo and to defend TiVo as if they own the company. I have to tell you guys that you all have the same ranking I do with TiVo and you are all just one bad support call away from having your enthusiasm shattered for this company.
    I use the poor forum member that tried to find out why he did not get HBO GO on his Bolt. No matter what advice you gave him and how right you were with the advice you gave him, TiVo Support told him that HBO GO was only for Cox cable customers. They told him that three separate times in one day and TiVo Support had the final say in the matter.
    Your advice and devotion did not change that outcome and did not get him HBO GO.
    The same goes for skip mode. One member told me not to worry that I did not get skip mode last week as the roll out was going to go on and I will have it by Wednesday. Well if my units are not authorized tonight then that will not happen. That Wednesday date was set by TiVo themselves and we are now on the night before TiVo's set date and there is a lot of people who don't have this feature yet.

    I am not intentionally condemning TiVo to cause arguments here as I seen the ugly side of this company. I really don't trust them anymore and no amount of hope and optimism will change that. I suspect when you owners see the ugly side of TiVo then your opinions of TiVo will be changed to.
  3. SrLANGuy

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    Dec 26, 2001
    Patience is a virtue!
  4. wmhjr

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    You're right about exactly one thing. This is way off topic.

    "All clients are equal"? "forcing your newer clients to keep an older set of rules"? "Generic disk storage"? "Specialty systems that do a select set of tasks"? "Windows farm"?

    I don't have the slightest idea what you're even trying to say. Please stop. Because it has absolutely not the slightest relationship to current hosting. Like I said, it would be incredibly stupid - at an exponential level - for Tivo to even "try" to build out an architecture that had different hosting platforms for different models. Utterly, totally, completely stupid. And though I'm not a big fan of Tivo architecture - especially now - even I don't think they're that dumb.

    It seems pretty clear to me that they are rolling out this functionality based on device type. It's just a friggin simple deployment of new code. The strategy they're using to serialize that deployment can only be known to them in terms of why.
  5. xander777

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    Feb 23, 2010
    Got it today in CT on my Roamio basic. Don't see it on the minis yet.
  6. bricketh

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    Jun 22, 2005
    Can't you just force a connection rather than waiting until the arbitrary time that it connects in a given day? I understood from several others that they forced connection, and it updated with Skipmode. For the "general" user that wouldn't know to force connect, and don't get skipmode exactly on 2/24, then they probably aren't people who visit sites like this, so they likely aren't aware of Skipmode coming until they get the message.

    I don't yet have it on my plus, and have force connected daily for the last few days. I haven't received any notification from TiVo that I'd be getting it by 2/24, so the only reason I am anticipating it is because I saw Dave Zatz write about it in the comments section of his site, and then I came out to the TiVo Community Forums for more info. In the case of my brother, he likely wouldn't know about this feature at all until it hit his TiVo box, because he doesn't follow any of these sites...

    Not saying TiVo is right or wrong (I love them, but am now always happy with their decisions, such as the new pricing model, and lack of a high end Bolt), but I think getting mad because you have not received an update by a certain date when they haven't formally communicated the date is a little disingenuous (especially when they still have a full day to deploy it to you).
  7. atmuscarella

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    Complaining about the timing and how TiVo is deploying SkipMode to Roamio units isn't a little disingenuous, it is pure Bull Sh**.

    TiVo was under no obligation to even push this feature to Roamios and no one knows what issues they have run into during the deployment that may alter their original time table.

    There are certainly global or semi-global issues that TiVo deserves to be called on the carpet about, and there certainly are people with individual issues that TiVo should address. But when someone with a Roamio gets SkipMode isn't one of them.
  8. PSU_Sudzi

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    Jun 4, 2015
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    TiVo Support just tweeted a response to a question on when the remaining Roamios will get SkipMode and it read sometime in the next week, so maybe there is a delay in the 2/24 plan. 2/24 was the date TiVo Support gave me last week on Twitter.
  9. SnakeEyes

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    Dec 26, 2000
    You have SkipMode, your opinion means nothing.

    I still do not have it on my Pro. This is garbage, TiVo.

    This whole so called debate is garbage too. Sure they weren't obligated to push it to Roamio but clearly they could and should have from the beginning. It's good for happy members and because TiVo doesn't have a history playing games like this, they are not Apple.
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  11. UCLABB

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    May 29, 2012
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    Thanks for the heads up. Since I don't have it on my Plus yet, I thought for sure I would get it tomorrow. Now I will know not to hold my breath. I'm burning movies with no commercials off my unit hoping before I'm done skip will be here to watch series with commercials.
  12. spicybrown

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    Apr 3, 2005
    This is odd, I have HBO GO on my plus but no skip mode... I assumed they would go hand in hand.
  13. UCLABB

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    May 29, 2012
    Riverside, CA
    Nope. Hbogo seemed to go to everyone pretty much all at once, Premieres, Roamios and Bolts.
  14. gigaguy

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    Aug 29, 2013
    If I were paying for Skip Mode I'd want it on more or all the channels I record but I'm not much on paying Tivo monthly fees tho.
  15. mattack

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    Apr 9, 2001
    I've had skip mode on my roamio plus for months.. but I'm in the test market..
  16. NYHeel

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    Oct 7, 2003
    I have a Plus still waiting for Skip Mode to be activated. Am hoping to get it tomorrow but hopefully it will be not more than another week or so.

    To those commenting on people complaining about not having the feature, yes you're mostly right. If we didn't know about anyone getting it there wouldn't be any concern. It's just that when you read a site like this and see how so many others that have near identical products but already have the feature it makes it a bit more frustrating.

    With that said, waiting another week doesn't seem too bad. However, if for whatever reason the timeline slipped and we waited another 2 months or so to get it, then that would be pretty frustrating. It's just human nature to get annoyed when you feel like you're missing out on something others have.
  17. jmerr74

    jmerr74 Member

    Nov 3, 2015
    I wouldn't even know if I had it... lol. I see people getting upset about it, and I have no clue I i have it, what stations have it, how to use it etc...etc. I'm still getting over the fact that I have TiVo again in my house after an eleven year hiatus... and am loving every minute of having it again! I can't believe I stuck with Comcasts garbage for so long!
  18. Adam1115

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    Dec 15, 2003
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    Hey just noticed skip mode on my basic Roamio. Didn't even know this was coming to the older boxes, how cool'
  19. windracer

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    Steve Gibson just notice Skip Mode on his TiVos. He thought the Bolt was called "Skippy or something." :cool:

    skip to 1:06:34:
  20. jeff92k7

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    I got it on my Roamio OTA sometime yesterday. It didn't show up on my Mini until last night when I started watching netflix and the Mini decided to reboot right then. Once it came back, skipmode showed up on the Mini.

    Haven't checked my old Premiere yet in another room.

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