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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by mat111, Apr 3, 2021.

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    My Roamio 1TB OTA was indicating 94% capacity and so some of my scheduled recordings in the To Do list were marked as "will not record" due to running out of space since I like to set my recordings to keep until I delete. So I deleted about 25 hours or so HD recordings which reduced the capacity used to 76%. I expected that the "will not record" indications within the next 5 hours or so of HD recording would change to "will record". But that did not happen. I powered down Tivo and restarted it thinking that some sort of "cleanup" of the hard drive would sync the available space with the To Do list but it doesn't appear to work that way. How or when does the Tivo unit sync the available space with the To Do list? What should I do?
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    You need to not use "Keep Until I Delete" so much, as that will block shows from being recorded. Changing from KUID is best. Tivo will over estimate the space needed for the next 3+ days of recording.

    You can offload any shows you want to keep to a computer. We have been using KMTTG and PyTivo for years. Avoid using v21/Hydra/TE4 (New Experience) if you want to keep the ability to transfer shows from PC-to-Tivo feature.
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    When you use KUID every single recording in your To Do List takes up space. So basically two weeks of recordings pre-allocated to use space. Since it doesn’t know when/if you're going to delete them it has to make that assumption.
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    After I did some checking I noticed that the series recordings that were not going to record were not because of insufficient space. But because the series was preempted by other programming as I observed in the Guide. That explains why the To Do list had them marked as "will not record".
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