will a HD work off analog only?

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    Trying to setup at a nursing home room which has analog only with 60 stations just like at the hospital but anyways, "had" to have the "maint guy" do everything & no signal so he just split the signal directly to the tv which is ok...just not tivo! I thought maybe at the least I should go thru the arduous task of a guided setup maybe?
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    Yes, a TiVo HD should be able to receive analog cable just fine. You'll need to repeat Guided Setup and pick the right channel listing - if you don't have one for the home, you'll need to work with TiVo support to get it added >>Report a Lineup Issue
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    Series 3 boxes have both analog and digital tuners (if I remember correctly). ANY channel that a modern TV can tune in directly from a connected coax SHOULD also be tuneable on a TiVo HD from the same coax. This includes clear QAM cable channels. HOWEVER, on a TiVo you must FIRST be able to select the correct channel PROVIDER during guided setup, so that the channel lineup can be downloaded from the mothership. It may take a bit of research to determine if the specific provider for the nursing home is actually available on a TiVo.

    Analog signals were virtually all turned off around 2009, so everything now is digital. There are multiple formats of clear cable and OTA digital signals, but the TV tuners are a good test of what should also be available on a TiVo. (Although the TV and TiVo tuners basically work the same, the difference is that the TV does not need a pre-loaded channel lineup - TV tuners just scan all frequencies and select anything they find with valid PSIP information embedded in the signal.)
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