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    I've got 2 TiVOs...Roamio and Premiere. The Roamio notified me I was not getting an internet connection. I checked, and it was not showing any WiFi signals in my area..it usually lists at least a dozen signals that are available, and never had any problems. I did the usual unplugs with the TiVO and the modem... no difference. Called customer service, spent 2 hours on the phone...useless. Nice enough, but had no idea. I gave up on him when he wanted me to make changes to my router...it was obviously not a problem with the router or my set up, as the TiVO was not able to recognize ANY signal in the area. The Premiere, meanwhile, did show a connection to my WiFi, but when I tried to do a service conncection, it connected, but when it got to DOWNLOADING, it said it lost the connection. The CSR said he would escalate. TiVO is within 5 ft of the modem...all other devices connect fine. Any ideas?
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    have you tried a wired connection with the premiere since it's close to the router? what does network diagnostics show?
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    ^^^ this ^^^ (for whichever DVR is the box within 5 feet of the router)

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