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    Has anyone changed to the new FiOS Wifi 6 router? Is there any notable benefit? Or maybe keep the old gateway router and go with an Orbi Wifi 6.
    It appears that you need a verizon settop box to get the wireless extender option for the verizon router.

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  2. southerndoc

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    Apr 4, 2003
    I think you have to be almost next to the router to have any benefit if I remember correctly.
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    What other WiFi 6 nodes do you have? You need to have WiFi 6 at both ends to get the benefit. An Orbi RB50 setup will give you wireless backhaul between Orbi nodes of 1.5Gbit/sec, 1Gbps ethernet and 766 Mbps wireless. I get in excess of 40 Mbps WiFi to my iPad anywhere in my house (3 level home with one Orbi per level). IMHO, the ridiculous premium Netgear wants for the Orbi 6 system is not worth it at this time. Maybe in 4 or 5 years when WiFi 6 is more widely supported - by which time, WiFi 6 products will be much more reasonable.
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