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    In order to use the TiVo android app on a tablet, the tablet must be on the same network as my TiVo Roamio Pro. Currently I have a MoCA network (two TiVo mini’s) with the DVR Ethernet-connected to a MikroTik router. If I switch the DVR’s connection from Ethernet to Wi-Fi (via a router, which is also Ethernet-connected to the MikroTik router - keeping the MoCA network intact, of course) – are there any significant negatives for this vs. the current configuration?
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    No reason to switch to WiFi as long as your MOCA is connected to your LAN, which is probably the case to get program updates. As long as everything is in the same IP subnet it should not matter if it's by WiFi, Ethernet, or MOCA. Also, wired connections are always more reliable and secure than wireless.

    My Roamio Plus and Premiere are on MOCA and I have no problem with the app on my android cell phone or Kindle, both connected by WiFi.

    MOCA is a plus. MOCA is at least as fast as WiFi and most Ethernet and MOCA transfers/stream between your TiVo boxes will not clutter up the rest of your LAN. In my case, I have several security cameras on my LAN so moving most TiVo traffic to MOCA is a good thing.
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