Why I love TiVo and my Bolt OTA

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    May 25, 2020


    Plenty of complaints on this forum, just thought I would provide a positive note as to why I still love TiVo and my Bolt OTA and that I'm happy to be back using TiVo after taking a few years off using Charter and AT&T U-Verse DVRs.

    1. Dump cable TV and the $240 monthly bill. Inexpensive solution to DVR local channels, with just a $250 investment ($150 Bolt, $99 lifetime service). If cutting cord, the new price structure for OTA units is awesome.

    2. My local channels provided by an antenna in my attic provide superior picture quality compared to what I got with Charter or AT&T (30 miles from transmitters). Yeah I know this has nothing to do with the TiVo, uncompressed is always gonna be better...

    3. One Pass. Many competing products don't come close to the ease of use including selecting based on keywords (WishList) rather than a specific series.

    4. Configure default behavior for one pass. I love that I can configure One Pass to default to recordings only, new shows only, 5 max recordings, and other options, which is what I use 90% of the time. The recordings only is great since I don't stream with the TiVo I don't want to wade through all the streaming episodes when I view the available episodes. My other DVRs from Charter and ATT forced me to set the same options every time I wanted to record a series, it was a huge PITA.

    5. Skip commercials. My DVRs with Charter and AT&T only allowed manual fast forward. I love the skip with one button and the new auto skip. Like many of us I hate commercials and it's never been easier.

    6. Quality. I know I'll get a backlash for this one, but in my experience I have never had a TiVo fail. I've had a series 3, Roamio, Bolt with CableCard, and now Bolt OTA. By reading this forum I would think TiVo produces really poor quality products. Maybe that's the case, but purely on my experience it's been great. When I moved to AT&T U-Verse a few years back I had nothing but issues it took 3 DVRs and 4 appointments to resolve the issues.

    7. UI. I've only been using TE4 for a few days, but so far I really have no issue with the user interface. managing my one pass list, managing my available recordings, picking out shows to record, quick recording all seem straight forward to me. I know folks have issues with some features being removed and done differently with TE4, maybe the time I was away when I was with ATT U-Verse helped me appreciate coming back to TiVo more. Both TE3 and TE4 are much better than cable DVRs that I've used.

    8. Suggestions: I always loved TiVo suggestions. It's a really nice feature to automatically record shows I might be interested in. I've found some great shows I had never heard of in the past. I would love it if they automatically recorded any season 1 episode 1 shows. That way I could use that to figure out if there's a new show I might be interested in. No idea if they do that today, but would be nice addition...

    I'm not asking for you to convince me that I'm wrong if you don't agree, just trying to provide a positive post of why I'm happy to be back in the TiVo fold. TiVo could always be better but I still believe it's better than alternatives I've previously used.
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    I am a cord cutter and have the Bolt and FireTV Recast DVR's. I use both and if I didn't have lifetime on my Bolt, might have switched to the Recast. No problems on my Bolt, I did upgrade the HD myself though so probably a better one than it came with.

    I get 68 channels, 50 are good ones, others foreign or religious or all infomercials.

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