Why did wrong show record?

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by HarleyRandom, Jun 11, 2018.

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    Sep 17, 2015
    I didn't look to see what I was recording until it had already finished recording.

    My Roamio was nearly full, so after the show had already started, I cancelled the recording after I went to my Series 2 and set it to record the same show.

    The show I was recording was on Fox. The correct title, episode summary and network showed on the list of shows I had recorded.

    The one thing that has to happen with the Series 2 is that an IRC control cable has to send the signal to a digital adapter so the channel will change. This has been necessary since a Time Warner upgrade several years ago. The act of the channel changing is visible on recordings when the channel has to be changed. As far as I know, this has always happened.

    But this time, it was on CBS, which would have been normal if I were recording "The Big Bang Theory". Since the Series 2 can only record one show at a time when the channels are digital, I would have had to cancel "The Big Bang Theory" to record the Fox show.

    When I watched the Fox show, it was "The Big Bang Theory". I saw the CBS channel in the lower right corner as the recording began. And it did start after the episode started.
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    The simple answer is that it was caused by a miscommunication between the Tivo and the DTA.
    Ever point an IR remote at a device and press a button but the device does not respond to the IR signal at least not in the expected way? That's what happened with your tivo except your tivo has absolutely no way of knowing that the DTA didn't change the channel.

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