Why did TiVo not do this??

Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by jaselzer, Oct 12, 2019.

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    Jul 28, 2005
    As good as the others here.
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    Feb 18, 2016
    It's probably still the best option out there in the cable card space, for however much longer that lasts, but that isn't true at all in the OTA & streaming space.
  3. Sparky1234

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    May 8, 2006
    Concur, you still need a Fire TV, etc., for streaming. TiVo does ok for OTA.
  4. gary.buhrmaster

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    Nov 5, 2015
    the difference is TiVo is looking for (actual) legal talent according to job postings. If this was just a WAG, it is meaningless (and should have been noted as being a WAG), where as if Dan203 is offering a public professional legal opinion (and is not disbarred for doing such, since doing so would be against legal strictures in many/most jurisdictions), the statement might have value to a very lucrative future engagement and/or employer.
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    I think both Mayor Giuliani and Michael Avennatii are up for grabs right now. TiVo better snatch one.
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    Why would anyone assume someone posting on this forum was "offering a public professional legal opinion"? (Whatever that actually means.). Why are you being so legalistic?

    BTW there's a lot of space between a legal opinion and a WAG, e.g., an informed comment.
  7. Dan203

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    Apr 17, 2000
    Yeah I'm not a lawyer, but I did actually read the Android TV developer agreement along with the section for "operator tier" stuff. There was nothing I saw that specifically prevented a retail product from being released running the "operator tier". It was basically just a request to Google that was either approved or denied based on their judgement. Since TiVo already has an "operator tier" device, and are now offering a skinny bundle style service, I was speculating that Google might approve them based on the vague rules laid out in the developer docs. I could be wrong. Maybe TiVo tried and failed. I really don’t know. But it wouldn’t surprise me if they didn’t even try based on their current path.
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    "TiVo better snatch one."

    Yeah, when you're a celebrity they let you do that. :D
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  9. nrnoble

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    Aug 25, 2004
    Those developers went to Apple and other companies where innovation is a high priority. I personally was thrilled when I discovered "Auto-skip". :)

    While I love the fact the Tivo is a DVR, surely they understand that for several years Streaming content has become more and more a factor. Tivo does have some of the major streaming apps, I am finding I am using my Roku more and more BECAUSE my tivo does not have the several streaming apps that are available on Roku. To make matters worse, a few apps on my Tivo are blocked by xfinity, but not blocked on my Roku also on xfinity. Not sure why the apps remain blocked on Tivo for several years after Roku has been able to stream them.
  10. chiguy50

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    Nov 9, 2009
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  11. BigJimOutlaw

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    Mar 21, 2004

    There's a European company called Zattoo in the IPTV space overseas. They offer ad-supported free channels as well as a premium service tier. They just announced they were providing a white-label Operator Tier device for B2B customers. If they can do it, Tivo Plus might satisfy Google too.

    Not that it's evidence of anything, but Tivo and Google came to an agreement where Google Assistant and Vox voice services could co-exist on the same device/remote. This is done by pressing two different buttons. It's not elegant but it works. We can see it on that RCN Android video Dave shared a while back. GA is mandatory, so it's not a small concession by Google to allow Vox to handle the media searches while GA does everything else. Again, not evidence of anything, but Google seemed willing to play ball.

    Since Android TV on the DVR is a dead idea anytime in the near future, the possibly last hope is that next year's dongle is Operator Tier and can stream mpeg2 natively like a Mini without transcoding. Then we could use those for all our apps and playback instead of the DVR.

    Tivo most likely licensed an existing Android TV dongle, and if they picked one of the more popular ones being licensed by others (the one used by Dish for the AirTV Mini) it can playback MPEG2, but we'll see what they go with. The downside may be Tivo's dinky Android remote rather than a fully-featured one.
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  12. NashGuy

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    May 2, 2015
    Yeah, you're getting at the very question I have about the upcoming TiVo Android TV stick: will it use Operator Tier so that TiVo can integrate their Hydra UI into the home screen? Or will it simply have the standard retail Android TV home screen (like the Nvidia Shield TV, Mi Box, eMatic Jetstream, etc.) and a TiVo+ app pre-installed there?

    As you say, it's *possible* that such a retail device might qualify for Operator Tier status, in much the same way that Sling's AirTV Mini does. (Yes, Sling is an actual vMVPD pay TV service, while TiVo+ is a free, ad-supported service, but does that matter in Google's eyes?)
  13. NashGuy

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    May 2, 2015
    The dude who runs the Android TV Rumors account on Twitter probably knows more about the platform than anyone else (or at least anyone outside Google). This tweet says that TiVo's upcoming dongle will probably be the same hardware as the new Air TV Mini. And according to the tech specs listed on the official product page here, the AirTV Mini supports decoding of MPEG-2 and can handle interlaced video (1080i and 480i).

    So those are all good signs that the TiVo Android TV dongle could potentially work as well as an actual TiVo Mini for viewing live and recorded TV, assuming that your home's AC wifi is strong enough to support throwing around MPEG-2 1080i video that hasn't been transcoded (or assuming that you've got everything on ethernet/MoCA).
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    Moderator, yes, and the point is still completely dead on.

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