Who has had pixelation/drop out issues since 7.1 released

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by ukaussi, Apr 26, 2005.

  1. Titleist

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    Jan 7, 2003
    19th Hole
    I just called TiVo customer service, went through my problem and they told me that since my connection was fine, I need to call Sony for tech support. I asked about the pixelation, and she said that is what version B fixes. (It makes you wonder if they actually read this board sometimes). I'm still running out of guide data, but at least I get to wait on hold while sony will finally come back and say they will make a ticket number or something and get back with me never.
  2. V7Goose

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    May 28, 2005
    New Mexico...
    Just adding my two cents. I have a 240 unit that I added a 160GB drive to about a year ago. For the past several months, the pausing and pixelation issue has been getting progressively worse (it only started sometime after the first of the year - corresponding with the general time of the software update). Usually, the problem was only on playback, and it would not repeat in the same point if you rewound it, but some programs were recorded with the problem (it would always repeat exactly the same). Recently, it had gotten so bad that the unit was virtually unusable. I had tried restarting it, but that never made any difference.

    About two weeks ago, the unit was completely frozen - no picture and no response from the remote. The only thing I could do was unplug it. Since it finished rebooting after that incident, it has been working perfectly! When I first saw that it was fixed, I checked the service date, and it didn't look like it had been updated since February some time (I didn't write it down). I still see the pixelation on the programs that were recorded with the problem, but absolutely no problem on any new recording or live TV. I'll let y'all know if it comes back.

    BTW- one other piece of information that may fit into this whole thing is that my drives were completely full around the time all of this started and throughout the problems. I would watch/dub to DVD a few movies at a time, and I was constantly recording behind that - always fighting to copy enough of them to open space for the new recordings. I mention this because I wonder if extreme fragmentation of the drives could be part of the problem? Constantly erasing and adding files with the drives that full had to be increasing the fragmentation exponentially! After the pausing and pixelation got bad enough so that I couldn't reasonably try to copy the movies to DVDs, I just started watching and deleting the recordings, and quit making new recordings. I was trying to watch everything on the TiVo and delete them so I could do a full erase and reset, figuring that would solve any fragmentation. By the time the system locked up and I had to unplug it, I was down to a very few programs left. I wonder if the cold reboot then was able to effectively defragment all of the unused space? Just a thought . . . I don't really think that this cold boot itself made the difference, since I recently reconfigured all of my theater equipment a few weeks earlier. I unplugged the TiVo then too, but it wasn't any better after that. Whatever happened this last time had to have something to do with why the unit locked up and forced me to unplug it. Good luck!
  3. bcrider

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    Oct 31, 2000
    Came across this forum as I too have 7.1b and I too still have pixelation problems, extremely slow menus and the response time between the remote and the TiVo is horrible.... 7.1c in the works to fix all this???? Ugh....

  4. ILB

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    Jun 12, 2005
    I've also had these problems both on replay and with live TV. Tech support first claimed that bad cable connections or proximity to external speakers was the likely culprit. Only after I insisted that I had made no changes to my setup and a long wait while a supervisor was consulted did I learn that it was a software problem. I was told they were working on it but they had no idea when it would be fixed. Apparently, TIVO is not keeping their support people up to date. Also, this techie was rather brusque as well as not well informed.
  5. Tecocat

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    Jan 24, 2005
    I have 7.1b and it's AWFUL! Tons of pixelation, dropouts, misbehaving/slow remote action. Not particularly bad during channel changes - it's more while watching live or recorded shows. Seems to get worse the more I use the remote to pause, FF, or RW. I'll be calling TiVo tomorrow to report these problems, but, from what I'm reading on other posts, doesn't sound like they're going to care (or believe that it's their software's problem, not my hard drive or something). Figure I have to report it yet...maybe if they get enough similar complaints, they'll start to take them seriously? I hope they do something to fix this because I've been a passionate TiVangelist since I got my TiVo but now I'm just totally aggravated! :mad:

    Oh, and in case anyone cares, I have an AT&T Broadband 130 machine (Series 2) hooked up to a cable box. I've had this set up for about a year and a half now with no real problems before this.
  6. brymcl

    brymcl New Member

    Jun 27, 2005
    I too am a new dissatisfied Tivo owner. I used to LOVE Tivo until recently. I called earlier today to cancel my service and was told there is a 'fix' to the problems created by 7.1b (which made my 40hr 240 series TIVO unwatchable) has been release (funny it took a threat to cancel to have someone tell me this, hmmmmm). I was credited a months service fees and was told to force connection several times a day to speed the deployment of the fix to my box. Because I remember how much I used to love Tivo I agreed not to cancel my service. I am however stopping by Cox after work to pickup their DVR, Tivo needs to take notice, they have a very short window to resolve this issue before they permanently lose a customer.
  7. LTParis

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    Dec 29, 2002
    I have a Series 2 40-hour and my problems have been getting exponentially worse. I just wish I knew if it was the 7.1 issue or a dying Tivo issue. About 1 month ago I began to get a lot of pixilation, and recently it has gotten worse, including audio fallout and 1-5 second black screens. This happens during live feeds or playback.

    Source is Comcast Digital Box.
  8. starbreiz

    starbreiz Fangirl

    Jan 29, 2005
    I'm beginning to wonder if this is just a symptom of well worn hard drives or something. I've had 7.1 for a few weeks now, and this exact problem has begun to manifest quite often. I get several second pixelation and blackouts about 3-4 times during a 30 minute broadcast.

    I thought my remote was slow before, but my tivo is now taking about 8 seconds to respond to it.

    Unfortunately, i generally work during all of tivo's phone support hours, but I may need to take a lunch hour and call them while in front of my tivo. This is getting really bad.

    [Edit]: Now that I'm home and watching tv, my TiVo keeps pixellating severely, blacking out, freezing, and now rebooting!! I'm definitely coming home a little early to call them tomorrow.
  9. FLPilot

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    Jan 6, 2004
    As I posted earlier, I would suggest that for now you unplug the unit and wait at least 30 seconds. I actually did mine again and waited about 5 minutes. Then plug it back in and hope that it helps. It has for mine, and all my Season Passes have remained.

    As for Tivo coming up with a fix as brymcl has stated I don't think they were telling him the truth. I have tried and forced 10 connections and nothing has happened. I think if and when Tivo comes up with the fix it will be forced to all units since they are probably getting a lot of calls on it. This whole thing makes me wish I didn't get the lifetime subscription.
  10. LTParis

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    Dec 29, 2002
    My Tivo got much much worse today douring lunch, so much so that the screen went blank for 10+ minutes. I unhooked the power and it came back up, unfortunatly more pixelation started again.
  11. TiVoBill

    TiVoBill New Member

    Jun 7, 2002
    The issue described in this thread occurs only on digital cable boxes and only for a few seconds after a channel change. If you seeing pixilaiton outside that situation, there is likely something wrong with your program source or with your TiVo hardware. Contact Customer Support for yor particular box if you continue to see that type of issue.
  12. starbreiz

    starbreiz Fangirl

    Jan 29, 2005
    thanks for clearing that up tivobill. mine started with the channel change pixellatoin and got worse... i was under the impression that people had implied they were related.

    thanks :)
  13. ukaussi

    ukaussi New Member

    Jan 13, 2004
    Sorry TiVoBill, but I actually started this thread for NON-cable box users because you commented in another thread that NON-cable box owners were not having any pixelation issues. I therefore started this thread to help show TiVo that that still had an issue that wasn't fixed by 7.1b

    Here are the first 2 paragraphs of the original post of this thread

    I agree 100% with TiVoBill that if you get pixelation and you are NOT using a cable box then you most likely have a TiVo hardware (not hard drive) issue and should call customer support.

    What nobody at TiVo has mentioned is whether this is because certain 240 boxes just cannot cope with the increased loads put upon by the v7.1 software because the processor/components were at the bottom end of the spec scale.
    This is obviously all hypothetical and I base it on existing practices in computer CPU's and graphics card GPU's which are randomly checked in batches during manufacture and rated according to how they perform. So you may produce a batch of 3.0 Ghz CPU's but testing indicates that some are unstable at 3.0 Ghz so you have to set the clock at 2.8Ghz or lower.
    Everything is manufactured to within certain acceptable specifications/tolerances and my old box was within those specs for the old software but couldn't cope with the new 7.1 software.

    Food for thought:
    TiVo A is the one that was recently exchanged by TiVo, originally a 40hr 240 series 2
    TiVo B was purchased 2 months after TiVo A and was an 80Hr 240 series 2

    - 120GB drive with sw v7.1b in TiVo A, pixelation
    - 120GB drive with sw v7.1b placed in TiVo B, NO pixelation

    - TiVo A's original 40GB with sw v4 drive placed back in TiVo A, NO pixelation **
    - TiVo A's original 40GB upgraded via TiVo download to 7.1b, immediate pixelation in TiVo A

    - TiVo B's original 80GB with sw v7.1b in TiVo B, NO pixelation
    - TiVo B's original 80GB with sw v7.1b placed in TiVo A, pixelation​

    **For that person that was insisting my TiVo A was always faulty, this is just some proof it wasn't
  14. Sk8man

    Sk8man New Member

    Dec 22, 2001
    Haven't checked this thread for awhile. I'm back to see what is going on these days with the sloooooooooooooow remote problem since 7.1. I received the b version quite some time ago and thought it had fixed the problem, but it was just the restart that fixed it. Last night it took 11 seconds for the remote to function, and then channel guide froze for 3 minutes. Finally it came up. Is a restart the only way to fix this?
  15. Jul 3, 2005 #115 of 137

    FLPilot New Member

    Jan 6, 2004
    Sk8man, I think for now, this is probably the only solution. Either Tivo has to either admit that the software is too much for their system to handle or we are just going to get stuck with the problems. I for one have already steered people away from Tivo since I sell them. I rather be honest about the problems they are having instead of making a sale. Hey maybe if more of us did this TIvo would get the picture (no pun intended) and do the right thing for its customers.
  16. Bnocab

    Bnocab New Member

    Apr 21, 2001
    Tampa, FL
    I read on www.forum.tivo.com that the pixelation problem while changing channels is fixed in 7.1b except for series 540's and 580's but that update would come later this summer. Why are the 540's not fixed?

    I called customer support and they stated it was a problem w/ Scientific Atlanta cable boxes and they (cable company) release firmware upgrades that might be causing these problems. Any merit in this?

    He said 7.1b was originally released to fix motorola cable boxes. If Scientific Atlanta is not sabotaging Tivo's, why not release a fix for the most widely used cable boxes? :rolleyes:
  17. ukaussi

    ukaussi New Member

    Jan 13, 2004
    Just a reminder for new people to read the original post on this thread.

    This thread was started to highlight the fact that pixelation was occuring ALL THE TIME on some TiVo's and not just when changing channels.

    This thread was started for those that have pixelation all the time and NOT just when changing channels with a cable box.

    Thanks to all for posting and showing TiVo that this is NOT an isolated issue.
  18. sopolev

    sopolev New Member

    Jul 11, 2005
    Just throwing my info in.

    Slow since 7.1 upgrade. Navigation SLIGHTLY better on 7.1b.

    Series 2 (240) box 18 months old. No mods.

    Separate DirecTV box. Thought my dish was out of alignment, but it checked out OK.

    Pixels/squeals/sound breaks 4-5 times an hour, either on recorded or live programs.

    Not Happy.
  19. MarkL

    MarkL Member

    Jul 1, 2005
    Tulsa, OK
    Just throwing in my two cents: I am also experiencing periodic pixellation, audio drop, and COMPLETE SYSTEM FREEZE (including no response to the remote) on my Series 2, 240040, 7.1b, NO CABLE BOX. Pulling the plug seems to be the only way to recover. And that's hardly a good way to be treating this box!

    What will it take for TiVO to admit there is a problem? Are they still claiming they cannot reproduce this in their labs? TiVO, do you want to load some diagnostics or debugging tools on my TiVO? I'll be happy to give you my s/n if you want to download something special for me.

    Please, DO SOMETHING.
  20. ssorrell

    ssorrell New Member

    May 30, 2002
    Let me add another variation into this mix:

    I have a DirecTivo and have been experiencing pixelation issues for a month and they seem to be getting worse. These problems began about the same time I had a software update. I'm not at home, so I can't give my model # nor software issue #, but I will get that info tonight and post tomorrow.

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