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    Greetings all,

    I have two gray single tuner 40 hour series 2 Tivo's. One I got with the lifetime subscription, the other I bought at a yard sale last weekend for $25 (I thought it was a good deal).

    I'm debating putting bigger hard drives in, but don't really know how much longer they will be useful once the digital signal mandate kicks in.

    I have a couple questions that I was hoping you could help me with.

    1. Is there any chance of me being able to transfer my lifetime subscription to a series 3 box? Or will I just have to wait them out until they hopefully offer it again?
    2. If not, is there any size limit on the replacement drive option? IE - if I elected to replace my single drive setup with two 500GB drives is tivo going to be able to use the full 1TB? (does anybody know if 1GB = 1 Hour recording time?)
  2. stevel

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    The lifetime transfer option is something that the marketing department holds out as a promotional offer. There is not currently such an offer; who knows if they will ever do it again.

    There is not any practical limit on the drive size with current software, but you have to be careful to use the correct options when setting up such large disks. For standalone TiVos 1 GB gives you about 1.1 hours at basic.
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    Alternate fonts are fun!!!!
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    They will be useful as long as you can get an analog signal to them, if at least from an STB of some sort.

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