Which is faster? Roamio Pro or Mini A92/A93?

Discussion in 'TiVo Roamio DVRs' started by dmk1974, Jan 29, 2020.

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    In my house I have TiVo Mini's feeding from my Roamio. I rarely use the room that has the Roamio, but it sometimes seems slightly slower actually in menus and changing channels than when I use the old Mini boxes. I also have two Vox A95 Mini boxes which are definitely faster, but didn't the Roamio and A92/A93 come out around the same time? Or are the "old" Mini's actually faster than a Roamio Pro? Thanks!
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    I think that the A93 was still based on the Premiere hardware as it shows Series 4 as the platform in the System information (versus Series 5 for Roamio's), but since it doesn't have the overhead of recording that the Roamio has I haven't noticed any real difference in performance.

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    The Mini is pretty nice, and the Mini Vox is downright zippy, but there are some things you can only do via the main box like switching tuners.
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    Not wishing to corrupt thread, but you can switch tuners from a Mini. Just choose a channel that is on the host but not the active screen.
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    If you guess wrong, you lose the buffer on the current channel. TiVo Russian Roulette?

    I'm trying to remember there may be some other advantages because we generally watch via our Roamio Pro rather than a Mini Vox (both available via a matrix switch).

    An advantage for the Mini Vox is that sometimes the Roamio Pro starts delaying after hitting FF/Play, and the Mini Vox does not; so I'll switch to the Mini rather than reboot the Roamio.

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