Which DirecTivo to buy?

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    Dec 13, 2005


    I need some advice. I currently have a DVR39 and a HR10-250. I have not yet hacked either of these but hope to soon. I would like to add two more SD DirecTivos to my home in hopes of hacking all four to share their recorded material (ie, record a show on one DVR, watch it later on a different DVR on the same network). Regarding this I have several questions I hope you can help me answer:

    What DirecTivo model should I look into buying? It doesn't have to be new and I'm not afraid of replacing the hard drive if needed. The DVR39 has been working fine (running the 6.2 OS) but I know nothing about the other models.

    Will I be able to share recordings between the HR10-250 and the DVR39 (or similar SD DirecTivos)? I know the HD and ATSC material can only be viewed on the HR10, but how about the other SD DirecTV recordings?

    Thanks in advance!
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