Where's the 2TB DIY upgrade?

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by TivoRocks193, Aug 31, 2011.

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    The obvious being that the place to look for the easy to find information is
    and that the Upgrade Center forum is the place to be asking upgrade questions rather than here.
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    (spelling corrected, I assume this was not meant to be noted as sequential comment)

    In this case, it is the same thing. The results of the quest were obvious, the first respondent pointed the OP to the Upgrade Center, which is the exact right location.

    I do think the question was fair to ask, however, as I have been tripped up myself by an outdated FAQ. However, it was easy to see that it was pretty old, and I agree with others that the tone of the messages was uncalled for and unnecessary.
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    Agreed for these geeksster don't wanna let you DIYS Swapin out a drive is a no brainer, gettin it to work is a whole new canno worms
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    What are you talking about?

    There are detailed simple instructions on how to upgrade a Premiere's hard drive with upto a 2TB drive. The 3rd link in post 6 and the link in post #18 are direct links to it and if you followed my link in post #9 my write up sends you to it also.

    If someone doesn't have enough skills to follow those instructions then they don't have enough skills to setup their own replacement TiVo drive and will need to buy a pre-configured one.

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    Some folks are much better suited to buying the external drive, think we found a few more here.

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