When We Left Earth: The NASA Missions parts 3&4 bad guide data alert for 6/15/08

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    There has been a lot of confusion about the scheduling information for the Discovery series When We Left Earth. To help clear up the information for this coming weekend, I'm putting up this alert to help keep things straight.

    In the first week of the series, at 9pm east/8pm central on June 8 Discovery aired two hours worth of When We Left Earth, using the title of the second episode of 6 separate episodes in the guide data.
    If you follow me, the title was pulled from episode 2, with the title being Friends and Rivals. The title of the first episode (if aired as 1 hour segments, or viewed via DVD/Blu-ray, etc.) should be: ORDINARY SUPERMAN.
    Later that night, at 11pm east/10pm central Discovery aired JUST the first episode and used that title for it. TiVo, DirecTV's HD DVR (HR20/HR21/etc.), my Verizon FiOS HD DVR, etc., all saw the titles and considered them unique episodes and caught approx. 3 hours of recording with the 3rd hour a duplicate of material aired in the first hour.

    Even later that evening/early the next day Discovery re-aired the 2 hour block again, again using the same title as they used originally (Friends and Rivals).

    They're lined up to repeat the same mess for the remaining *4* episodes/segments/parts that are left in the series. That means on June 15, they'll air episode/segment/part 3 and episode/segment/part 4 but as a combined unit and will use the title from the 4th episode/segment/part as the title of the 2 hour block of programming. Later they'll air just the *3rd* episode/segment/part of the series and use just the title for that episode/segment/part and most DVRs will come along and record that airing wasting space on your DVR and confusing most viewers into thinking they are getting extra material.

    There are only 6 hours total airing. If your DVR records more than 2 hours (or at least more than just a bit over 2 hours...) of programming it's getting repeats.

    BLAME DISCOVERY (but then thank them for airing this series to begin with ;) :p :)) for this mess. It will be repeated (the mess) in the last week of the series too. I'll try to post another alert before those segments air.

    You can let your DVR record all of the repeats if you want, or you could just kill the repeats by checking the online schedule information at Discovery (see link here).

    Discovery really screwed the pooch on this one and should have used better titles for the paired airings.

    The way the episodes (part 3&4) are labelled: The Explorers (June 15) 9pm east/8pm central until 11pm east/10pm central (followed by LANDING THE EAGLE at 11pm east/10pm central).

    The way the episodes should have been labelled: LANDING THE EAGLE & THE EXPLORERS 9pm east/8pm central and 10pm east/8pm central

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