What's up with the Emmy "For your Consideration" ads on TVLine.com?

Discussion in 'Now Playing - TV Show Talk' started by mrdazzo7, Jun 10, 2011.

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    Maybe I missed something but what's up with TVLine.com being flooded with "for your consideration" Emmy advertisements? It's just weird and out of place... The site doesn't seem any different than any other TV Based sites so I guess I'm not following why actor and show reps are paying for a ton of ad space to entice registered emmy voters to nominate certain things.

    I guess maybe the site is big "in the industry" and a lot of insiders go to it? Weird. The ads are pretty cheesy too.
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    Any website or publication that might attract Emmy voters is a good place for these shows to advertise. I've seen ads on TVbythenumbers.com, Deadline.com, hitfix.com as well as a couple other sites that usually just feature TV news. Michael Ausiello, who owns TVLine, is very well connected in the TV industry and therefore I suspect lots of TV insiders frequent his site for news and information, and therefore, it's probably as good a place as any for these studios to be placing their ads.

    Also, given that TVLine.com is fairly new, I wonder if Ausiello wants to create the perception that it's a site frequented by TV insiders, and so he's provided free or reduced-price ad space to those "For Your Consideration" ads. If that's what he's doing, I think it's pretty brilliant.
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    TVLine is a part of the Mail.com Media Corporation (MMC) collection of websites, and is very closely associated with Deadline.com. They probably uses a lot of the same ad network as Deadline.com, and therefore gets a lot of the industry-oriented ads that they carry.

    I agree, it does seem a little odd, since the content TVLine carries seems to be more TV viewer-oriented rather than targeted at industry insiders.

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