what's a 120GB TiVo worth these days?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series 1 - UK' started by Mentaur, Aug 10, 2007.

  1. Mentaur

    Mentaur New Member

    Jul 8, 2002
    London, UK


    apologies for a slightly dumb question, but a friend of mine fried his TiVo the other day, and his wife is currently orbiting, adjusting to life without it. I thought that maybe this was a good time to break the bond with mine finally and pass it on. Barely check it any more - SkyHD will do that to you...

    It's a Thomson Scenium, and I did the 120GB upgrade, CacheCard with 256MB, installed TiVoWeb, but I never did buy the lifetime subscription. How much is the latter worth? I've seen similar units on eBay go for £200+ but most have the subscription as well.

    I figured around £150 but I don't want to fleece my friend, or under-sell the unit for that matter.

    Any thoughts much appreciated.
  2. Raisltin Majere

    Raisltin Majere The 96 YNWA

    Mar 12, 2004
    You have to remember the lifetime sub on it's own is £200.

    Something you rarely use, for a friend? I think £150 is steep.
  3. DX30

    DX30 New Member

    May 22, 2005
    A 120 GB (no sub) just sold on eBay for £56. Other recent machines (no sub) have been £36-£67. I guess the cachecard increases the value, but £150 seems optimistic.
  4. blindlemon

    blindlemon tivoheaven.co.uk

    May 12, 2002
    Malmesbury, UK
    Why not 'lend' it to him for a few weeks then ask him for it back.... Then when he says "no", ask what he's prepared to pay for it.

    You might just get a pleasant surprise ;):D
  5. welshpedro

    welshpedro New Member

    Jun 7, 2002


    Thats the one I just bought!!

    Its a second tivo for me, so will be trying to get it to work alonside my current tivo, so will be calling back here more often to pick the brains of you guys that are much cleverer than me.....
  6. Pugwash

    Pugwash New Member

    May 23, 2003
    My advice would be to pull the cachecard and sell it on ebay. You might feel like giving him the TiVo a lot cheaper once you're rolling in the money the cachecards fetch.
  7. srhill

    srhill New Member

    Sep 7, 2004
    Crawley, W...
    I have a 120gb tivo with a lifetime subscription.

    I may well be replacing this with a digital tuner pvr with dvd recorder.

    From what I have read in this thread I might be able to sell my tivo for around £200??
  8. Automan

    Automan Ex TiVo User

    Oct 29, 2000
    I just put one of my ones in the loft today - 200gb, life sub, cachecard with 512m

    Another one may got up in the morning with the same spec.

  9. DX30

    DX30 New Member

    May 22, 2005
    A 120GB+lifetime got £225 on eBay recently. At the low end a couple of 40GB+lifetime went for £144 and £147 today, while at the higher end recently a 250GB+tivonet+lifetime sold for £242.
  10. Pete77

    Pete77 New Member

    Aug 1, 2006
    Not Far...
    Are you hoping to donate them to the Science Museum in 20 years time? ;)

    But being serious a 200Gb Tivo with Cachecard, Lifetime Sub and 512Mb of RAM has been fetching about £220 (plus carriage) at worst lately in the summer on Ebay but I would imagine would fetch nearer to £260 again or more once the dark dingy Autumn nights are here, especially for a 9 day auction closing at say 8pm on a Sunday evening.

    But if you wait and decent Freeview Playback machines with Series Link that acytually works start appearing and/or Tivo finally cans the UK Tivo service in a year or two's time they will be worth nothing.

    Is there any reason for you to mothball them rather than let them go to a good home where they will be treasured and enjoyed? :confused:

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