What would make ces successful and TiVo back on their game in your opinion?

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  1. Dan203

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    Long term TiVo has to convert to a skinny bundle provider with cloud DVR. Or partner with one of the existing skinny bundle providers to use their software as the basis of their cloud DVR. Cable cards are going to go away eventually and OTA only recording isn’t a big enough market to sustain them without a substantial downsizing. (They'd basically become Tablo)

    They've been trying for years to become the DVR software running on cable company DVRs or even their cloud DVR platforms, but the big ones have all chosen to develop their own in house. Maybe being the DVR provider for the smaller regional companies will be enough to sustain them for a while, but how long before most/all of those are bought up by one of the 3 big ones?
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    I always wonder what the time warp patent was for.;)
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  3. tommiet

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    Oct 28, 2005
    1) How about making good on LAST YEARS commitments. I believe they announced we would have access to our DVR's using apps on other devices. Guess they didn't say what year......
    2) Upgrade all TE3 devices to Hydra (Couldn't help myself.)
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  4. tivolocity

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    1. TiVo is so far behind in the streaming device business they need to tombstone the mini and support the major streaming devices/TVs with a TiVo app.
    2. Given 1, for many customers there would be no need or desire to have a DVR physically connected to a TV. Bring back Mavrik with optional local storage (I have yet to use a cloud DVR that didn't suck. Plus, I have an internet data cap).
    3. Port the DVR software to run on the major platforms (compete with Plex / Channels DVR) and support HDHomeRun tuners.
    4. Have the TiVo service be associated with the account, not the hardware. And, price-wise, make it comparable to Plex Pass/Channels
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  5. Mikeguy

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    Jul 28, 2005
    Wouldn't it be interesting if TiVo publicly was pressed on this, with the press present, at CES. :eek:
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    I thought Tivo_Ted would be more active in this forum. He must really be unable to talk about anything with all the NDAs.
  7. stuart628

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    Jul 5, 2006
    Honest question does he still work for them? Or still connected?

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  8. RightHere

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    Dec 17, 2002
    What is the "opening" here? There are already multiple large players dominating this space (Apple TV, Amazon Fire, Roku).
  9. hc130radio

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    It’s real hard. Just ask a company like Apple - they can’t even figure out how to utilize a microSD card for their phones.
  10. spiderpumpkin

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    Dec 1, 2017
    Hard to say. I would think he would want to be active, since he was really the only one here, with troubleshooting all the Edge problems. He even started a thread about Edge bugs but then he just became a lurker 2 months ago.
  11. tenthplanet

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    Mar 5, 2004
    Hail Hydra ! :D
  12. cwerdna

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    LOL! Why would they want to? They have big markups on flash storage for phones. iPhone came out in 2007. There’s been no hint of such a slot.

    Numerous Android phones don’t even have memory card slots anymore. My Pixel 3 doesn’t.
  13. saeba

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    Oct 12, 2004
    TiVo Unveils a Streaming Player to Compete with Roku, Fire TV, & More - Cord Cutters News

    Today, TiVo announced the launch of the TiVo Stream 4K, a streaming player that provides seamless integration with online video services including Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, HBO, YouTube and more. With the TiVo Stream 4K, you won’t need to toggle between apps but will get a more traditional TV experience.

    Sling TV will be the preferred source for subscription TV, along with featuring TiVo+ as the preferred source of free, ad-sponsored television and movies.

    TiVo users will appreciate the familiar user experience, from personalized discovery features to the user friendly TiVo remote.


    TiVo Stream 4K includes a small device that plugs into the HDMI port on your television, delivering the highest quality audio and video up to and including Dolby Atmos sound and Dolby Vision HDR. The device also comes with a streamlined version of the TiVo remote with a voice search feature.
  14. stuart628

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    Jul 5, 2006
    I have a couple questions that need answered on this but looks good on paper....I dont know how many people are willing to fork over for new hardware at this point but if tivo does this right and partners with live tv streaming services and all that then this could be a good seller for them, I am sure they will be working with smaller cable companies and lets say the likes of ATT for their new service. 99% sure this runs android tv and if thats the case then will there be tivo apps available....someone thats there needs to press them a bit.
  15. saeba

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    Oct 12, 2004
    From the article:

    The TiVo Stream 4K will be available to customers beginning April 2020 with initial launch pricing of $49.99 (MSRP of $69.99), and will be available via TiVo.com and other retailers.
  16. stuart628

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    Jul 5, 2006
    I did read that, and it doesnt change my point of how many people are willing to change from lets say firesticks or rokus to this new guy. At 49.99 it is priced decent (ethernet hookup somehow?) so it wouldnt be a price thing but people get so comfortable with what they are using. Now i have read a lot of articles that older folks are going to start streaming (finally convinced my parents to ditch the dish) so that would be a good area to start!
  17. stuart628

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    Jul 5, 2006
  18. steinbch

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    Nov 23, 2007
  19. stuart628

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    Jul 5, 2006
    steinbch there needs to be a unlike button lol...that wouldnt be welcomed with open arms here...now the stream 4K would be great, but that no thank you.
  20. saeba

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    Oct 12, 2004
    Pricing - agreed. Just wanted people to be aware of what the pricing will be.
    Ethernet - in the picture from the Engadget article (link you posted), it appears there is an ethernet jack on the back of the unit.

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