What use is my Humax DVD TiVo if I switch to digital and get a TiVo HD?

Discussion in 'TiVo Series3 HDTV DVRs' started by BobbyWDC, Aug 2, 2007.

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    I've got analog cable now, and 2 S2 TiVos, one regular and one Humax DVD TiVo. Now I'm thinking of going to digital cable, since I could get a TiVo HD to easily handle it. I understand about getting digital cable and getting the 2 cablecards for the dual tuners in the TiVo HD. I have a standard def TV now, so I'm not really concerned with HD channels right away.

    What possible use could I make of my Humax DVD TiVo then? I know it can't handle HD recordings, obviously. And I assume if really wanted to, I guess I could pay for a separate digital box from Comcast so that it could record non-HD stuff on its own, which could be written to DVD.

    BUT...is there any way to avoid getting the separate set-top box for it? Can I use the TiVo HD to get and process the signal of a standard-def channel, and get it over to the Humax for DVD burning? If I connect the two, wouldn't that mean that the TiVo HD would convert the digital signal to analog, go through the wire into the Humax, which then converts it back to digital, then converts it to DVD format for burning? Is that possible, or desirable?

    I'd really appreciate any ideas. I'd like to keep the option to record certain shows for burning onto DVD if I can, especially since there's no TiVoToGo on the TiVo HD. Thanks!
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    You could still record & burn analog shows to DVD on the Humax of course.
    I'll assume you're talking about recording/burning Digital (SD or HD) shows and burning them on the Humax.

    For that, I'd say the only really practical method would be to get a Comcast STB, connect the analog outputs from it to the analog inputs of the Humax, and do the IR blasters to the Comcast box, and only record that way. This way you can get digital (SD and HD, the STB will downconvert HD to very nice SD analog out), and since the Tivo controls the STB it will record shows with schedule information rather than "manual recording".

    You could connect the analog in of the Humax to the S3 outputs also, but it would only be "manual recordings" w/ no schedule data, it wouldn't be as nice (no show titles/nice tivo dvd menu.)

    This is all assuming the Humax has IR blasters and analog in so it can control the STB- is this the case? (I don't have one, but seem to recall it has analog in for home movies etc, just couldn't edit them)
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    just keep the coax hooked up like it is now and the DVD burner TiVo will act theasme as it does now.

    if you do record something on the TiVo HD like a digital channel show - be it HD or SD - then hook up the composite or S-video out from the TiVo HD to the HUmax in and record the show in real time on the HUMAX (just like hooking up a camcorder so you can name the show but would not have guide data for it) macrovision copy protection will be passed along so a premium channel show might not record right. An analog device to scrub that out can be bought pretty easily if that is the case. I forget the name of the thing right off.

    given that though it might just be easier to get a cable box and use its composite out for SD or HD shows and record the shows onto the HUMAX from the get go if you plan to burn a lot of digital only content
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    Thanks. I was assuming that when I signed up for digital, I'd no longer have the coax with the analog signal. And even if I do, I'm also assuming that come the 2009 digital cutover date, Comcast will force its analog cable customers to go to digital, even though of course the law doesn't require that. After all, it's Comcast--I'm sure they'll take the opportunity to discontinue the analog cable as a way to get more money out of their customers. I've heard they're already planning that in some parts of the country.

    So I can pay for the extra connection, rent a converter box and use the IR blaster (yes, I think those work with the Humax) or directly record from the TiVo HD in real-time. Not sure it'll be worth the trouble.

    Thanks again for filling me in. I'm still very new to all the digital stuff and trying to learn as much as I can so I can keep TiVo when I'm forced to switch over, or buy a new TV, whichever comes first.
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    The 2009 thing is for OTA, not cable., although it is possible that cable turn of some degree of analog at any date.

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