What to do about 6.3e reboots?

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    My DVR80 was rock solid since the day I bought it. Then I got 6.3e. Now it reboots in the middle of shows every evening, immediately followed by a pre-schooler's scream of "Daaaaddddy!!!" from the next room. I have a Weaknees 250GB drive married to the stock 80GB drive, and I have every two years worth of every episode of every child-friendly show on TV on there. Needless to say, a C&DE is not a good option.

    My question is: what are my options? Is this the beginning of the end of my drives? I'm guessing that the "upgrade" to 6.3e now causes the drive to hit a bad sector (or sectors).

    1. If I do nothing, will it just keep rebooting and then eventually stop working altogether? Is there anything I can do with the current drives to stop the reboots?

    2. If I replaced the drive (or drives) and had Weaknees copy the shows, would it also copy the bad sectors? In this case, would I need to keep the same partitions? (i.e. replace with new drives of the same size, or replace with a single 400GB drive, but I would only get 330GB of space (80GB+250GB) or is there a way to just transfer the show files?

    3. Any other options to stop the reboots and still keep my kid's shows?

    Thanks in advance to the geniuses of this forum for the advice. It's because of this forum that I unplugged my HR10-250 from the phone line a year ago, which saved me a lot of hassle. I unfortunately didn't realize in time that 6.3e was out to get me on my DVR80, or I would have unplugged that box too.
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    IMHO there isn't much to do except hope DirecTV fixes it.

    This happened a while ago when they started feeding "enhanced guide data" that their own DVR's needed for their "enhanced features".
    The TiVo DVR's didn't like it and started rebooting when the error logs got too full.

    I'm thinking, and again, IMHO, this is the problem again.

  3. temp357

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    Feb 18, 2004
    Go back to 3.1.5f like me?
  4. Mark Lopez

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    No, that's the 'canned' response the Tivo zealots always give when a Tivo update has bugs. Most of the time it's not the drive and just the Tivo fanatics in denial that after 7+ years, Tivo still can't get it right.

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