What is latest release of TiVo software?

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by lonestarjacket, Jan 11, 2006.

  1. lonestarjacket

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    Mar 15, 2003


    I wanted to e-mail this question to TiVo but just found out that e-mail support is not available.

    There was a rumor some time ago of a new software release that added more network capabilities than just photos and music. (I am not talking about TiVo to Go.) I think one of the capabilties was viewing certain multimedia web content via TiVo.

    I eagerly awaited my software upgrade for over a month but haven't seen a difference in functionality.

    Was I dreaming about this software upgrade? Or have I just not received it yet? Or do I have to do something to receive it?
  2. maharg18

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    Dec 3, 2002
    Chattanooga, TN
    Since you've posted this in the HDTivo forum, and currently the only HD Tivo is the Directv version, I will assume you have Directv. If so, you will never see this new version.

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