What hardware problem would cause a DTV to hang?

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    Nov 5, 2003


    I reported a problem earlier in this thread:
    DirecTivo freezes up - anyone have any ideas why?

    To recap, I have a Hughes SD-DVR40, running v6.2 on a disk I baked using InstantCake. I used MFSLive to prevent an upgrade.

    I got a new disk, baked a new image, used MFSLive to prevent an upgrade.

    The DirecTivo came up. Had to clear and reset everything and it was handling downloading new program information.

    However, sometime last night, after I went to bed, the DTV froze up again. It's the same symptom as before - the receiver shows an image of a channel but it is completely hung. The controls from the remote or on the front of the receiver do not do anything. The receiver is completely hung.

    The problem cannot be the disk - I've had the same problem with a cloned disk.

    So is there a hardware issue that can cause the DTV to freeze up like this?

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