What happens during a complete reset?

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  1. njmurvin

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    Apr 17, 2003
    My really old Hughes GCEBOT started freezing a lot - not just during live play, but also during recorded playback and traversing the menus. It's been really hot, so I thought it might be overheating. But, no, it reported normal. I did a reboot with no change. So, I finally decided it was time to do a total system reset (or whatever it's called when the whole box is erased).

    Well, it seems to have solved the problem. I get no freezes at all now. So, the question is, what did the reset actually do? Does it reformat or scan the disk and lock out bad sectors? Does it defrag the disk?

    I have a feeling that I was running into bad sectors on the disk which I will eventually encounter again as the drive fills up. Oh, BTW, I have two drives in the box. If one is failing, is there a way to tell which it is?
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    Aug 23, 2000
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    It reconstructs the MFS file system partition, which may, for a while, avoid the problem. But it's likely it will begin failing again soon.
  3. njmurvin

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    Apr 17, 2003
    Thanks. I figured as much. So, I would then assume it's not scanning the drive for bad sectors and locking them out? Does it possibly do this on the fly? In other words, if I just let it continue to run once it re-encounters the bad sectors, can I let it just stumble along and mark the bad sectors bad until it gets past the bad spot (assuming its a bad spot and not something wrong with the heads)?

    Is there any way to determine which drive is failing? I have the original (40g?) and a 120g in there.
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    Aug 14, 2000
    The drive does it's own defect management. As long as it still has reserve space, it'll remap bad sectors as it hits them. So, no, the tivo is not doing a "bad block scan"; it's just erasing objects ("files".) One. By. One. This obviously takes a while.

    It does not "reformat" or "reconstruct" the filesystem. No tivo has ever left the factory with everything necessary to format and (re)initialize MFS. While some early S1's still had the setup scripts left on them, most of the stuff came from an NFS server (mpeg clips, fonts, ...) I wish they did just "format c:" instead... formating a filesystem is much faster than deleting each and every file. C&DE takes for ever; even on a new tivo.
  5. njmurvin

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    Apr 17, 2003
    OK. Thanks, guys. I guess I'll keep using it and, when it finally bites the dust, I'll just replace it with something a little more up-to-date. SD Tivos should be fairly cheap these days with the HR10 and HR20 around. Worst case, I'll just get another HR20 (or a used HR10) and output 480i to my SD TV. When I get around to upgrading the TV to HD, the DVR will already be in place.
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    Feb 21, 2003
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    The drive could be going bad, or not... sometime the drive only needs to be pulled out, reformatted, and reimaged with a clean image... I've only had to replace a drive once among 5 TiVo's and 4 years because it went bad... A reimage usually resolves the problem for me... some people have deduced it to a possible fragmentation issue, possibly with the live TV buffer (and when the live TV buffer skips, it'll also reflect in a recorded program you are watching at the time). No one really knows for sure... some will immediately say bad hard drive, it needs to be replaced... I just pull mine out, run a disk scanning tool to check for any bad spots, and if it's clean, I just reimage the drive... I have the original image that came with each of my TiVo's, and I just use that image when I reimage... the TiVo will always then update to the latest version on its own after the reimage.

    I have tried the "reset", aka C&DE (Clear & Delete Everything), and sometimes that resolves it, but only for a short time... I usually have to reimage my drives about once a year, but it's been over a year since I have had this problem on any of my TiVo's now, knock on wood...

    Oh, I just realized this was the DirectTV forum... I can't speak for the DirectTiVo's as I have the standalones with cable TV... sorry...

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