What happened to the old tivo service?

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    I keep getting less satisfaction when purchasing a new tivo than I did when the company started business up some years ago until about several years ago. The old tivo team were innovative and seemed to have thought things out when they came out with new models. Today there seems to be a number of excuses why there is no method to do this or that. Case in point, after purchasing a new tivo vox and wishing to transfer programs from a rather full Romaio turns out to either not being able to do this seemingly simple action or the steps make you just want out and purchase the dvd of the program. The tivo online program does not list all of the programs found on my Romaio (not talking streaming) for some strange reason and it list episodes individually for each given series (no groups for programs to be organized in). So, if you have a 150 episodes of a given tv program just think how tedious that would be to click on each one you want to transfer having to look at every line on the screen to identify the programs you wish to transfer. Tivo says when trying to sell you the machine that you can transfer the programs from one box to another, however, they leave out a few details about how it is done and sometimes just not being able to do so (according to the support team today). I never had an issue with the old tivo group. They seem to always delivered and anticipate what the customer would need to have a good transition when upgrading to a newer product. I wonder what happened -- change of management? Training? The computer team all left at once? And finally, I find it so interesting that when there is a problem not identified in the support person's strip and they need to put you on hold when they speak to someone I always get disconnected. They have all of the contact information I had to put in prior to speaking to someone yet you never get a call back but having to start over with the next person that answers the phone. Does make a customer think.
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    They started going down hill shortly after the Roamio was released. They switched to Rovi data, which sucks, then sold the whole company to Rovi which in the past has just been a patent troll.

    The only innovation to come out of TiVo in the last 5 years is SkipMode.
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    Sorry, but I cannot read this wall of text. Cutting into a few paragraphs will help readability quite a bit, as would a tl;dr summary.

    I also like their innovations quickmode, and the onepass (when it works properly). Luckily I have had no issues on Rovi, but understand many have had continued problems.
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    The OnePass had potential but doesn’t work well enough to be useful. It can take a week, or more, for the data to catch up. And the way it launches the apps to play an episode doesn’t work that well.
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    Yup.. i had high hopes for it. But it just doesn't work like it was supposed to.

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