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    when you get absolutely no channels and the message:can't find signal. I've not had this happen over the years and yesterday and today my XL4 and Roamio both got it. I had to get refresh signals from Charter for both. Fortunately, they have an automated system where you just say "refresh" and it is sent.

    I assume that this is some shenanigans by Charter that messes things up since it happened to both my units although not at the very same time. Also, I was rather surprised that I couldn't get ANY channels to tune in. BTW, I looked at diagnostics and all the channels were good strength and locked, but not showing up on the TV.
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    Sometime things are changed. This could be the headend where your content originates and some newer equipment was installed. It shouldn't affect only you however. Everyone on your leg of the block that comes from the feed would have the same issue. One clue is the VCD ID, but you may not have known the old one to see if the one you have now is different.
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    I had CNNHD, but as far as I could tell, no other channels, go out last week sometime.. I checked online status, didn't see any problem mentioned.. finally called in, and of course didn't get a real reasonable answer.. It was back in the morning.

    I probably should have tweeted at one of the comcast names.. they at least seem to provoke a reasonable response.

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