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Discussion in 'TiVo Series 1 - UK' started by aerialplug, Aug 8, 2007.

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    Oct 20, 2000


    This is only the second time TiVo's given me a timeline like this - the last time was a couple of years ago.

    I've attached a photo of what it looks like.

    Ignore the flash burst reflected off the telly (I forgot to turn off the camera's flash - but the photo took).

    The entire timeline is blank and has 2 minutes worth of green - and the other 2.5 hours is then recorded "virtually" to the right hand side of the end of the timeline.

    I suspect it's something to do with endpad and the very moment I started playing the recording which was quite close to the beginning as I had to type in a PIN to access the Box Office Channel so that the rest of the recording would work - and if so, I'm not complaining - it's just weird to see though!

    I suspect I've probably self explained what it means and I suspect an unmodified TiVo would never display this strangeness - but it does look strange nonetheless :)

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  2. martink0646

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    Feb 8, 2005
    I've seen the same thing exactly & it might give some clues to another ongoing problem.

    I've had my suggestions turned off for a year or so now. Seeing the recent debate about a lack of suggestions I got curious & turned them back on. I've noticed that when a suggestion is recorded of over 2 hours I get exactly this situation. e.g. when its recording a shopping channel or sign off.

    I thought at first there had been a reboot & it had picked up & started recording again when it booted up. But that didn't make sense for a couple of reasons; it wouldn't be down for 2 hours plus, more like 2 mins & it normally stops the current recording & starts a new one exactly the same (for scheduled recordings).

    So I decided to FF'wd through the recording & found that there was a couple of hours worth in the little bit at the end. I didn't bother too much (& am not particularly bothered now as I can take or leave suggestions).

    Maybe someone cleverer than me (or bothered) can define a link between this & the ongoing suggestions problem or maybe it's just a coincidence. You could be right about endpad as I run that as well but I don't think so as it only happens on suggestions for me.

  3. PhilG

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    Jan 15, 2002

    I've seen this three times, over the last three years or so, and I also have Endpad

    But I also have lots of other hacks too, so who knows

    I was extremely concerned the first time I deleted one of these, but saw no ill effects (yet)

    Phil G
  4. TCM2007

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    Dec 25, 2006
    Looks like it's just reading the length of the show wrong in the database - what does TiVoweb show?

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