Western Digital EARX drives - avoid them

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    Jan 1, 2008


    I just had to replace a WD7500AAKS in my 1st TiVo HD. After all of the reading, I gave the new Western Digital Green 1TB EARX drive a try. I have NO technical problems. The drive boots/soft re-boots, etc. However, Automatic Acoustic Management is LOCKED. You CANNOT adjust it down. As a result, I have a drive that is quiet enough to be in my home server, but way too noisy for my TiVo! You CANNOT control the AAM through any means I was able to find in Google. In fact, it seems as though some HDD manufactures are going to stop including the feature.

    Buyers beware - the new WD green drives CAN NOT adjust acoustics = loud(er) noises.
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    Jan 31, 2002
    The older WD green drives used to come factory set on the quiet setting of 128. But you could also change them if you wanted to. I have several dozen of them still in use.

    What is the AAM setting on these new drives that can't be changed?

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