Weird TFF/RFF in TiVo MPEG

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    Jul 24, 2007


    I retrieved an episode of Skyland (animated, Best Quality) via the S2DT webpage and decrypted it using tivodecode with the intent of transcoding it to DVD.

    However, the TFF/RFF cadence is really weird. It looks like the TiVo MPEG encoder has a film mode where it encodes 4 of 5 frames and uses the normal TFF/RFF 3:2 pulldown to get back to 29.97fps. Unfortunately, it keeps flipping in and out of film mode (although it always starts the I or P frame and ends back on TFF).

    This wouldn't be a problem except I think sometimes it's not synching properly to the source cadence. (Which is probably 24fps, but could be 25fps as it's created in Europe/India.) This then causes problems when I try to inverse telecine it back because the input doesn't have a consistent cadence and has false identical fields.

    Has anyone else observed this? Any suggestions on how to deal with it (or another forum which might understand what I'm talking about) or how to stop TiVo from going into film mode?

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