Weird Mini Vox Sleep/HDMI Issue

Discussion in 'TiVo Mini' started by dmk1974, Nov 30, 2020.

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    The past couple weeks for some reason, when I start up my system, the Mini Vox (which should always be on and never sleep) doesn't wake up or at least send a signal to my receiver. It has the light on and blinks when I press keys on my remote, but displays nothing. However, if I just pull the HDMI from the back of the Mini and plug it right back in, all is good. Doesn't happen all of the time, but maybe half of the time?

    I also have an Apple TV box connected via HDMI to the same receiver and no issues with that if I select it as the first input when booting up. So it does seem specific to the Mini. For reference, I have a Sony stereo receiver (that has been in-place for over 3 years) with the Mini and Apple TV feeding into it via HDMI, and then a HDMI from the receiver to my projector.

    Anyone ever have issues like this? Just annoying. Curious what changed or if there's some setting or simple fix. Thanks!
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    Tivo engineers don’t seem to understand HDMI. Recently, I believe, a software update introduced the problem you’re seeing. Here is some terminology I will use: an HDMI cable goes from your Tivo to a device that processes and/or shows the Tivo signal. If that device has several HDMI inputs connected at the same time, then you need only to tell that device to use another input, and then tell that device to listen to your Tivo. Essentially, that device needs to tell your Tivo to re-initialize its HDMI signal to that device. When you unplug and then plug in the HDMI cable from the Tivo, that action has the same effect.

    In my house, I have a Tivo, an Apple TV, and a Sony OLED TV. Most of the time when I wake up the Sony TV, it tells me there is no signal on HDMI 2 (where the Tivo connects). So, I tell the Sony to listen to HDMI 3 (the Apple TV, which is usually not active, so the Sony tells me there is no signal on HDMI 3), and then I tell the Sony to listen to HDMI 2. There is a pause of a few seconds while the Tivo initializes its HDMI out, and then I can watch.

    If your device has only one input connected, you likely can power cycle it to get the same effect. You might also be able to use an HDMI switch between your Tivo and your device.

    If I had an hour to type in more comments, I could tell you about the two or three other Tivo HDMI, Tivo remote control, and software update bugs I’ve seen over the past year. My current setup has a new Tivo Edge.

    Tivo: get better engineers.
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