Weird failure with my Series 2 Tivo

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    Nov 5, 2003


    I have a Hughes Series 2 SD-DVR40. I put in a 320GB WD PATA drive and installed the DirecTivo SW using Instantcake v6.2

    The version is 6.2-01-2-351.

    I also used mfslive to disable upgradesoftware.

    About a month ago, I noticed that this Tivo was having problems. The Tivo would just hang. It would show a frame of a TV channel and nothing else. Even if I clicked the DirecTV button on the receiver, nothing happened.

    The Tivo wouldn't hang like this any time of the day. It only occurred at night, right around when DirecTV sends upgrades around 2AM or 3AM.

    I used to be able to just power-cycle the Tivo by unplugging the Tivo, waiting 5 minutes, then replugging it.

    But then sometimes, when I power-cycle the Tivo, the Tivo doesn't come back up and gets stuck in the "Welcome. Powering Up" gray screen.

    Now, I ran Spinrite v6.0 on the whole disk and Spinrite says that all sectors are good.

    Has anyone else seen this problem, with the Tivo freezing on a TV channel frame right after DirecTV sends their upgrade signals?

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