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Discussion in 'TiVo Coffee House - TiVo Discussion' started by mohanman, May 27, 2011.

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    Tivo has been weird for me lately. I had an old series 3 and tivo hd. Online they both say activate for lifetime.. the series 3 for 299.99 and the tivo hd for 399.99. So I decided to activate the series 3.. a few months later, still being charged 9.99 a month. SO I called them, they fixed it .. and guess what? I get a bill for 399.99 for my series 3 and now the tivo hd is saying online activate for lifetime for 499.99

    Whats up with that?
    Shame on you tivo

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    Call them back and make them fix it.

    They offered lifetime for $299.99 and you accepted.

    Offer and acceptance.

    Anyone who ever watched "Paper Chase" or any other lawyer show can tell you.

    That's a legally binding contract.

    They didn't fulfill their end of it until you pointed out to them that they hadn't fulfilled their end of it. By that time the price of lifetime had changed, which is where they made the mistake, but the change doesn't apply to you, because you had a legally binding contract for lifetime at $299.99.

    They owe you a refund of $100 and of all of the monthly charges wrongly imposed since you accepted their offer.
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    Aug 18, 2011
    I called TIVO to cancel service on two DVR's I had. I clearly told them I wanted to CANCEL my service. They said they would do that. They then told me that I had a very good "grandfathered" rate on both my dvr's since I had been with them from the early days. ($12.95 a month on one and $6.95 a month on the other). And they asked if I was planning to sell them. I said yes. So they asked if I wanted to keep my account activive for 2 months so if I was to seel them within 2 months the new owners would get the "grandfathered" rates and not have to pay full price. That sounded good to me and as far as I understood I wouldn't be charged from that point forward. However that's not what happened. They simply suspended charges on my account for 2 months after which they continued as if nothing had happened. And my mistake was not looking at my credit card statements closely enough to realize that the payments had started up again. Then 5 months after they started charging my credit card for both Tivo's I realized this and called them. They said that there records show that I called to cancel and they offered me 2 months free service which is NOT what happened. My Tivo's have not connected to their servers since before the original call. I asked them that and they agreed with this. The TIVO's basically just sat there not being used. However they would not refund any money. I feel that they were missleading on the phone with their story about the next owners of my used TIVO's getting a great rate. I had clearly called up and canceled and was mislead. I feel this is TIVO's standard sales practice to try to keep users on and that it's dishonest. If they would have said that we'll give you two free months that would have been different. I would have at least known that I had to call back and cancel but I wasn't told that. I'm very dissapointed in this company.

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