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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by amar.okhai, Dec 8, 2011.

  1. amar.okhai

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    Dec 8, 2011


    I am a UK Virgin Media customer with a TiVo box in my living room. I want to be able to watch the TiVo in my Kitchen which is very far away from my living room.

    I live in a very old house, so wireless transmitters do not work. I have Cat5 points beside my Kitchen TV and beside the TiVo box. Is there any way I can watch the TiVo picture on my kitchen TV?

    Will it be possible to change the channel from the kitchen?

    What do I need to do? Any help would be appreciated.
  2. TinCow

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    Dec 27, 2011
    I have done something very similar to what you are trying to do. I have setup my kitchen TV as a secondary display of the TiVo that is in my living room. Whatever is displayed on the main living room TV is also shown on the kitchen TV. However, to accomplish this I had to run wire from the living room TiVo to the kitchen TV. I simply ran both audio cables and component video from the back of the TiVo to the kitchen TV (inside the walls). The living room TiVo is hooked up to the main TV via HDMI, and the TiVo outputs to both sources simultaneously without any issues. In hindsight, I wish I had used an HDMI splitter and run HDMI to the kitchen instead of component video/audio, but it's too much work to change the setup now, so it shall remain component.

    As for your setup, I have a feeling you should be able to find some kind of adapter to run the TiVo signal through the Cat-5 cable you already have existing. I have never looked for one myself, but all you'd need to do would be to find two HDMI to Cat-5 connecters or two Audio/Component Video to Cat-5 connecters. I would be very surprised if that kind of cabling did not exist. If you did that, you would essentially be duplicating the same setup I have, which works fine.

    To change the channel in the kitchen you do indeed have to change the channel on the living room TiVo. If you don't want to walk into the living room every time, there are a three ways around this that I can think of. First, you could get a remote that uses RF instead of infrared. Second, you can use the iPhone/iPad app to control the living room TiVo. If you have issues with solid walls blocking wireless signals, both of those might be an issue. The third option is to run an infrared extension from the kitchen to the living room. There are many, many different versions of those cables, but essentially what it allows you to do is put an infrared sensor for the TiVo at any location you can reach with a cable. I'm not sure if the TiVo has a port for an extension cable itself, but even if it doesn't there are extensions which can handle that, by having infrared emitters that you position near the infrared receiver on the TiVo. You aim at the receiver at the end of the extension, it transmits the signal to its own emitters, and those emitters then signal the TiVo. The main problem with that is that you have to run wire between the TiVo and some spot in your kitchen you can aim at with a remote.

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