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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by tburrel, Nov 23, 2020.

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    Premier XL4- When watching live football games, I often start the recording and then begin watching 30-60 minutes later, planning on catching up to live action around the 4th quarter.

    This has always worked well, except the past few weeks. Sometime while watching the recording, Tivo effectively "kicks me out" of the recording, and I find that the the recording doesn't extend beyond the point where I was kicked out.
    However, I am able to watch the live action, and it even shows that the program is still being recorded.

    Obviously this is very frustrating. Has anyone else seen this behavior?
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    I haven’t seen that exact thing but you could try this? This is how I watch everything every night but what I usually do is just go to the channel being recording and rew. Then I watch the “buffer” until I catch up live. I never start it from the actually recording. For example the American music awards last night. It was from 8-11 and I stated at 9. If your worried about spoilers for sports or whatever. Go to the channel as it starts recording and pause it at the beginning.

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