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    Oct 16, 2005


    I bought a HR10 and had it added to my account a few weeks ago and it croaked already. Started with constant reboots and then just "Powering Up". Will DTV replace my HR10 so soon after activating it? Does it matter if it was used or not?

    I do have the warranty plan on my account
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    Looks like you just answered your own question. If not, why ask us? Why not ask them?

    The current strategy seems to be to sell you a HR2x if you ask, and to give you a HR2x if what you have breaks (or if you aren't already a customer). But it is extremely unlikely you would be shipped a HR10, and actually not even likely you would get a HR20. The favorite child seems to be the HR21, because it's cheaper than the HR20 and it weans folks away from the OTA option. But my information is second or third hand. Why not find out directly from the horse's mouth?

    They offered to install a new dish and replace all 3 of my HR10s for free just last week. And I don't have the warranty plan.
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    You usually have to wait 30 days from when you add the receiver for it to qualify under the protection plan.
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    I think they should replace it but you will have to sign another contract.
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    Dec 18, 2006


    Mike, call 1800-DIRECTV and ask.

    See the Ordering Tips from the HD DVR FAQ's:

    What do I need to know about HD DVR ordering and installation?
    → Ordering Tips ● Installation Guide

    We hear constantly from HR10 owners that for just the cost of shipping DIRECTV will replace a dead HR10 with an HR20. People with constant reboots in particular seem to have had almost an instant success.

    - Craig

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