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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by TeeVee, Jul 26, 2007.

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    So my worst fears have come true. I did a friend a favour by upgrading his Tivo for him with a 180 hour drive (originally had 80 hour). Now he tells me his tuner has died. Tivo has told him they will replace the unit for him at no cost, very nice of Tivo to do that......only problem is I can't find his original drive. I know I will need to get this drive back to him so he can get the replacement.
    I have my original drive from my 80 hour Tivo. Can I make an image and marry it to his Tivo and use this to "replace" the original drive, or will Tivo know?
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    Jul 10, 2007
    Does Tivo send out the replacement unit first? If they do, you might be able to just swap the replacement unit drive into the dead tuner unit and keep the 180 gig drive (if everything is working well with it) in the new replacement unit.

    I'm pretty sure that tivo "knows" that people upgrade their drives and that a tuner failure is not related to a drive failure. They might not care if the drive that comes back with the dead unit isn't the exact same drive that was shipped (as long as it is the same sized drive). If you send back a unit with an upgraded drive, it's a bonus for them.

    When they receive a "dead" unit back at the shop, they probably strip out the drive, wipe and test the drive for errors, reimage the drive, and put it in inventory or into a refurbished unit that's been fully tested.

    I don't speak from experience, I'm just guessing.
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    Humax does send out a unit first if you give them a CC and has a return postage label inside the box..no problem. I never used TiVo repair service but it should be almost the same. I do not think the drive will matter but you will not get back the drive size you sent out.
    I hope that TiVo and Humax do not use an old used drive on a refurbished TiVo, that would bad news.

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