WARNING - Before you go in for the HR20

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by rrr22777, Oct 14, 2007.

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    jimb726 New Member

    Jan 4, 2007
    Cleveland, Ohio


    Uh, you might want to go back and check, not everyone who was making fun of the OP were HR20 users, there were several who list an HR10 in their signature.
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    technojunkie Member

    Mar 15, 2000
    I'm still holding out for an HD TiVo that can handle DTV.

    There must be something better coming. Why else would they tease us with a software upgrade coming in January? It hardly makes sense if they are trying to convert all of us who made the committment to the HR10-250.

    The idea of the 50 season pass limit is an issue. I have 4 different people using the TiVo and 50 just won't cut it. Also, I use some passes for different times of the year. Does D expect you drop passes because the show is into reruns for summer? Look at how HBO changes season all the time.

    And to try to use this forum to tell some how to run their life? Get real. This forum is about technology.

    Spare us the personal commentary.

    TiVo rules!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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    fasTLane Member

    Nov 25, 2005
    Tivo rates 10/10 in this household.
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    RS4 New Member

    Sep 2, 2001

    Uh, you might want to check again. Just because they don't list it, doesn't mean they don't have one.

    The op was trying to point out an obvious design flaw to Tivo owners who might be thinking about getting an HR20. Even if folks disagree with the op, they don't need to add the remarks such as gio1269.

    We have a box that is supposedly capable of holding huge amounts of videos with all of the add-on drives. Yet, it has some kind of artificial limitation that only makes sense to a group of programmers setting up some function in the software. It's clearly a sign of the box being programmed for certain functionality while the group programming it does not consider the wide-range ramifications of their decisions. So, no one at the top is paying attention to what the various units are doing from an overall point of view.

    My guess is that it is a big deal to fix this because the limitation has been known for months.
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    BruceShultes Member

    Oct 2, 2006
    Albany, NY


    When I added a HR20-700, I just asked D* to run two additional cables for the new box.

    This allows me to use both my original HR10-250 as well. If nothing else it gives me the advantage of four tuners.

    Even when D* switches all HD to MPEG4, I will still be able to use the HR10-250 to record HD OTA.

    I agree that the 50 season pass limit is a pain, but I find as long as I delete the ones for shows that the networks decide to drop from the HR20-700, it is not a problem. It just requires more maintenance of the season pass list.
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    innocentfreak Well-Known Member

    Aug 25, 2001
    Same here. I have 158 season passes all active on each of my Tivos in varying order to pick up conflicts. I hit the 50 limit on the R15 and hadn't even finished with primetime.
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    Sir_winealot Seenyer Member

    Nov 18, 2000

    Wow, you don't give up do you? What business is it of yours what "home bound people" like to do for their entertainment? :rolleyes:

    If somebody has more than 50 SP's, what gives you the right to tell them they need to "get a life?"

    Maybe rather than finding it necessary to spend your valuable time continually defending a DVR on a public message board ...you need to do the same.

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    Laserfan Member

    Apr 25, 2000
    I can suggest: books, newspapers, magazines, writing, radio, telephone/talk, sewing, computing/internet, and on-and-on just to start.

    There's (a lot) more to life, and more things of Value, than TV.
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    Jon J

    Jon J Curmudgeon TCF Club

    Aug 23, 2000
    Music City USA
    I can sum my reaction in two words...day yum. ;)
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    bonscott87 Done.

    Oct 3, 2000
    Ummm, actually the 50 series link limit is stupid and it should be eliminated. Just because it doesn't effect me doesn't mean it's not a stupid thing. We have had no statement as to why it's there but early on (like a year ago) stability seemed to be hinted at. No idea if that's still an issue, they just haven't gotten around to changing it, or they haven't had enough complaints about it over the past 3 years to bother worrying about it. No matter what the issue is, if 50 isn't enough you should contact DirecTV and complain about it. It's the only way they'll see that it effects enough people and make it a priority to change it.

    And please, get off your high horse about the HR20. I can pull several dozens of posts over the past 8 years on this forum with people making fun of people with so many season passes. That attitude has nothing to do with any limits the HR20 may have. :D
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    HiDefGator New Member

    Oct 12, 2004
    season pass management speed and reduced development time are the most likely reasons I can think of.
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    JohnB1000 Well-Known Member

    Dec 6, 2004
    It would seem rather likely that the 50 pass limit will be removed before MPEG4 appears on a DIRECTIVO :)

    These threads are becoming so fun, all the regular actors playing their regular roles.
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    feldon23 MythBuster

    Mar 13, 2001
    Houston, TX
    The bad attitudes and rude comments towards people making valid points about the HR20's many flaws (I have one -- although the upgrade about 2 months ago was a big improvement, there are still big questions about stability) are why I have no interest in this forum anymore. The helpful people have left, to be replaced by people whose acerbic wit is a poor substitute for genuine advice. Looks like I got out of this place at the right time.

    Not sure why I loaded this forum up again -- nostalgia maybe.
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    fasTLane Member

    Nov 25, 2005
    Obviously you revisited because you wanted to heed the "WARNING".
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    Budget_HT Heavy User (of TiVo)

    Jan 2, 2001
    Renton, WA
    Your prior contributions were valuable and appreciated.

    I agree that there seems to be a lot more bitching and attacking going on here recently. But there are also some very informative threads and many people still interested in learning and helping without being critical.

    I personally respect all on-topic opinions expressed, whether I agree or not. I am not dead yet, so I am still learning from all available sources of input.

    I do NOT respect the attacks and criticisms of the preferences and values expressed by other folks here.

    If I don't like what someone is doing and it does not negatively impact me, I tend to ignore it. If I am impacted, I try to avoid if possible, or request that the part that negatively impacts me be changed so it doesn't, all within reason.

    Like anyone else, I occasionally overreact and say things I wish I hadn't. I guess we are seeing a lot of that here from a lot of folks who feel a need to "reform" other folks to their way of thinking. History tells us that behavior is not such a good idea.
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    RS4 New Member

    Sep 2, 2001

    Ah, back over on this forum making excuses for your second class box, I see. People on a Tivo forum are entitled to know about the pitfalls of the replacement product from DirecTV. Someone needs to tell them about the polls rating the Tivo higher, because its for sure you apologists won't do it.
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    gio1269 "HR20 Army"

    Jul 27, 2006
    It's not a design flaw at all. We all know you hate the HR20.

    Now should have a limit? No, why do that unless the TV Exces demanded it.

    Now I could list a whole bunch of Tivo and HR10 "flaws" that would be just as long as your HR20 issues.

    Look, I was VERY happy with my HR10 before the 6.* updates came a long and destroyed it! Then the HR20 came and IMO is overall a better product. Could it be better? Sure feature wise and reliability for some . But same goes with the HR10
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    kyungkim New Member

    Apr 9, 2004
    Just a question, with 50+ passes, how long does it take your hr10's to either update the season pass manager or even schedule a new season pass? Im guessing 5+ minutes for the manager update.

    Neither box is perfect, its a matter of picking what flaws to live with.
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    bonscott87 Done.

    Oct 3, 2000
    I see you still can't read what I posted. I certainly didn't apologize. I said the limit sucked and needs to be fixed. I guess you must have had a glitch in the matrix since I criticized the HR20. Wow, stop the presses! :eek:
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    Sir_winealot Seenyer Member

    Nov 18, 2000

    Flaw = defined as "imperfection; imperfectness"

    So it was designed with a SP (SL) limit which, you yourself admit it should not have ...but it's not a design 'flaw,' lol. So what do you call it then, a design oversight?

    It is what it is ...I don't understand what the big deal is in defense of this.

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