Warning about tivo's handling of service upgrades for premiere

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by kanan, Apr 12, 2010.

  1. kanan

    kanan New Member

    Mar 6, 2003
    San Diego, CA


    Apparently, there may be some issues with the rendering of the webpages for the "upgrade" offers for existing tivo users moving to premiere.

    We placed an order to upgrade our Tivo HD unit to a premiere on March 3rd, and included lifetime service on the premiere with the unit. We were very careful to read the terms of our upgrade but we were using mozilla firefox browser in Linux.

    Instead, when we received the premiere, the service plans on our old and new unit were switched. The lifetime service we had ordered for the premiere was setup on our old tivo hd unit instead. And the premiere booted up with just a few months left of our prior 3yr contract.

    I spent over 90 minutes on the phone and being transfered from one rep to another with tivo today and they refused to do anythign about it other than allow me to return the premiere or cancel the lifetime service. Cancelling the lifetime service meant that the prior 3yr contract wouldn't be moved back, and no, tivo wouldn't allow us to cancel the 3yr contract early and upgrade immediately to lifetime.

    The whole thing was a mess and although we love our new premiere, it's somewhat taken away what respect we've had for tivo customer service.

    So, I'd recommend anyone upgrading to not believe any terms they see in the upgrade offers...even if you're careful, they can screw it up and your only recourse will be returning.
  2. dswallow

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    This should be really simple for them to straighten out, and rather simple for you to prove what you ordered as well; simply that you bought the Premiere under an upgrade program has to limit how you possibly could have ordered it such that there's no way to have gotten the Premiere attached to your old service.

    What you likely will need to do is write a letter to the executive offices at TiVo explaining it all and asking it be resolved. It's amazing how often first tier CSR's simply can't be bothered to do their jobs properly.
  3. DeWitt

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    Jun 30, 2004
    take a close look at the webpages... one of the reasons i did not take the lifetime offer was that the only way to get it was to switch the existing plan to the Premiere and then get lifetime on the existing HD. I could not find any way to take the upgrade offer and get lifetime on the premeire. Made no sense to me to buy lifetime on the old unit....Seems rediculous but that is what they offered.

    I would cancel if offered as what you thought you where buying was so not what they where selling. Hopefully someone at corporate helps you out, but I really looked for what you think you where offered and could not find it.
  4. oViTynoT

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    Huh. Not sure why Mozilla would have rendered the page wrong. The detail is a text element; no magic there. Here's what I see on mozilla...

    (The colors are wrong because I saved as GIF, and I added the red box for emphasis...)

    It says, quite plainly, "Your current service plan will transfer to your new Premiere XL"

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  5. kanan

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    Mar 6, 2003
    San Diego, CA


    I did speak to three reps yesterday and apparently one put me on hold while 30 minutes while talking to his own supervisor....I do remember seeing an offer to upgrade service level of the old hdtivo and declining that and than I thought there had been an option to select a service level for the new unit which is when I selected lifetime. I obviously don't have a video record of what showed up on my screen.

    The order email for the unit simply showed a tivo premiere for $399 and lifetime service for $299. I had no reason to suspect until I logged into the account management part of the tivo site that they had moved the service contracts.

    And, I was frustrated that they had no method in place, even assuming I had made a mistake, to correct the matter. I offered to pay the difference between the upgrade offer they thought they gave me and what it should have cost me, and they couldn't do it even after bumping me from rep to rep.

    We ended up cancelling the lifetime upgrade part of the order, which means the HD unit no longer has the few months of service that I expected to give to its new owner. The premiere now has service until august at which point I must call in again to place a new order for lifetime (I'm not sure if pricing will be higher). They would not let me place the order for the lifetime upgrade on it now. I must wait for the old contract to expire.

    I didn't post on the forum here to bash tivo, although they did cause some frustration.

    I just want to make sure that any future tivo premiere buyers/upgraders avoid the same issue occuring to them.
  6. MikeAndrews

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    Jan 17, 2002
    Au Contraire! When I bought my Series 2 with service remaining and wanted to transfer it to my account, the first TiVo rep merged our accounts so I saw all of the sellers Tivos on my account! It took two calls and an escalation to a higher level of support and 2-3 days to undo the mess. Evidently Tivo has strong restrictions on what CSRs - and we can assume, a user on the web - can do this makes for convoluted procedures to straighten it out.

    The OP is going to have to get with that higher level tech support and cross fingers until it's straightened out, assuming they will straighten it out. My problem wasn't that I wanted to back out what I had apparently ordered.

    I later took advantage of what you can do on the web to replace and transfer that service to another Series 2 DT I bought used which made talking to TiVo later an adventure (I forget about that last part.)
  7. Chester_Lampwick

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    Jul 19, 2004
    I bought kanan's old TiVoHD. I was hoping to get the balance of his 3yr prepaid. It should have had service until August.

    My predicament is that I don't want to commit to service on this machine. Being Canadian, I can't get cablecards, they aren't mandated up here. So I'd be using the machine for OTA only, plus whatever SD content I could share with my two Series 2 units. I'm also geographically restricted and can't use it to buy/rent Netflicks or Amazon.

    Thought it'd be nice to get a couple months to play before I commit. TiVo CSR was no help at all. I could not get any trial period. Sucks! Thought I could use it for Stanley Cup finals...

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