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    Apologize if this is already addressed, here, but could not find in search.

    Want to set up a new directv account. Want to have Tivo togo for SD broadcasts (assume Series 2 only but hope on the horizon for 3) but also be able to watch HD live.

    Any suggestions?

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    New accounts are not given a DTivo, DirecTv currently sells their own brand only

    I don't know if DTV will allow you to start a new account with a DTivo box, but if they will (you should call them) read...

    Where do I get a DirecTv Tivo? BEFORE you buy a used DTivo,
    get the ID Number from the seller and call DirecTv to ensure
    there is not an outstanding balance on the seller's account,
    or DirecTV will NOT activate the receiver!

    If you do get a DTV brand, they have a different forum

    The DTivo equipment I think you want is the HR10-250, which is discussed
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    If you want TiVoToGo, you need a standalone TiVo and a separate DirecTV receiver (such as D11). That would mean a separate HD receiver such as the H20 for watching HD live.

    The TiVo Series 3 does not support satellite at all.

    If you go with an HD DirecTV receiver with integrated DVR, then your choices are the DirecTV HR20 (non-TiVo) and the TiVo-based HR10. As noted, you may not be able to activate a new account with an HR10, and the HR10 will not get all DirecTV HD channels (and will eventually get none from DirecTV.) Neither offers, at present, the ability to save shows to a PC, though this can be done on the HR10 through "hacking".

    My advice is to decide what is more important to you, because you can't "have it all", at least not today.

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