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    Nov 5, 2008


    Found this interesting, got an email from Comcast. Listed most used voice remote "commands" and most searched person for 2019. So they keep track of what you say into your remote. I would guess Tivo does the same. I know Tivo keeps track of what you watch, sells info to other companies. Did not know at least Comcast keeps track of what you SAY. I wonder if remotes "listen" to what you are saying all the time? What about if you are having a private conversation with someone, live or phone calls. Or talking to yourself ;) I'm guessing a lot of voice activated devices probably do the same, like Alexa etc.

    I myself value my privacy. There is little enough nowadays. Many people give it away on facebook, twitter etc. Now I have to wonder about these voice activated devices. And cameras? I don't use any camera or microphone type things that are connected to the internet (well I do have a cell phone but pretty much just use for phone calls). Heck check the privacy settings on Windows 10. There are a LOT of them, and most default is on. Check what they send to Microsoft, and Microsoft "partners". And share among "apps". Microsoft also encourages you to be logged into your Microsoft account all the time when using Win 10 (as do many other companies, Google, Yahoo, AOL, whatever). If you do then they have some detailed info about you also. Unless you create an anonymous MS account without real info. When you install Win 10 now if you are connected to the internet it REQUIRES you to use your MS account or create one. Says you can disconnect it later. You can get around that by installing offline.

    Heh, think I am being paranoid? I don't use a Vox remote, one of my Tivos is on TE4 but I use a regular remote, mostly because I feel strange talking to electronics. I was considering just TRYING the Vox remote for fun, now I am leaning towards not doing that, thanks to the Comcast email. Ah well, paranoid or not I am still going to make an effort NOT to share any personal info unless absolutely necessary.
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    My view... I also limit others from getting my data when possible. I disabled my Samsung TV from gathering data.

    As an IT Cyber Security professional.... Windows 10 does NOT require you to logon using an MS account. You can create a local account only. Search Google on how to limit MS from getting info from your computer. I agree on the FB and other sites. I've long killed off all my online accounts as they are just security risk. You probably should be more concerned with your apps on your phone for collecting data.

    Someone would really be bored listening to my VOX voice commands as 90% of them are FF commands and channel changes.

    All that and MERRY CHRISTMAS! ..... Screw the happy holidays stuff.
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    Yep, I do not connect my smart TV to the net. For warranty purposes the TV is registered with real information so they have a lot of personal details. I myself rarely stream, if I do I use the apps on Tivo, they are already getting info. Not Tivo + though, it did not have enough content I was interested in to get me to "opt in" to the agreement. Yes on Win 10, can create offline acct by just not being connected to the internet when installing. Used to be able to do that/choose creating offline acct even if connected when installing but last build I installed off a disk (I think it was 1903) REQUIRED a MS acct. Until I tried the install offline, just disconnected the ethernet cable (it was a desktop computer, not a phone/tablet/laptop with wifi). Still need to check those privacy settings. I will check further into how to limit the data being sent to MS, for now I just adjusted the privacy settings. Phones, was not even going to get into that, I'd guess many are logged into loads of apps all the time and not even know it. The Vox remote (and other voice type devices), well kind of depends the range of the microphone and if it's always active. Could be watching TV, get or make a phone call that needs some personal info (many customer service numbers now use voice recognition so instead of pushing buttons you have to actually speak info, could be acct numbers, last 4 of SSN or whatever). So I'd prefer that info not being sent to anyone through some microphone type device sitting on the coffee table.

    I'll go with a Merry Christmas too :)
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    Darn, I came here hoping to see the list.
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    THE KARDASHIANS, MEHGAN MARKLE and PRE ROLL ADS ................................ ...................................................... ........................................................... .............................................................

    Just kidding

    Free Movies
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    And Stephen Colbert
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    I believe the VOX is similar to my Fire Stick voice remote. You press a button on the remote first then it listens until you release it. So it's not listening all the time like Alexa or others would be.

    As for privacy, I'm not that worried personally. If someone wants to listen to me talk to my cat and dog, then that would be sad for them. ;)
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    Is there a generally accepted terminology for the "button-press-before-listen" category as opposed to "always listening" voice remote capability? This distinction seems like it should be more explicitly advertised although of course it's only the security-conscious who care.

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