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    Ian does a better job of explaining TiVo than just about any presentation I've seen given by TiVo!


    CTV Summit Presentation: Virgin Media
    Video | 25:26

    Title: Building the next generation of Pay-TV
    Speaker: Ian Mecklenburgh, Director, Digital Entertainment CPE, Virgin Media


    6 min - first mention of TiVo

    7:34 min - TiVo discussion begins

    Worked with TiVo to promote the next generaiton platform that leapfrogs what's available with the TiVo in the US.

    Re-engineered the UI. Integrated the TV Guide into the TiVo menu

    Train the boxes by educating them with the thumbs up and thumbs down. Default one thumb if you record a program. When you watch something from VOD we know you're interested. Box learns what a subscriber likes.

    Connected TV Apps don't learn since they are isolated apps. Social media stuff goes off to the provider of the social media app.

    Box needs to understand what your doing. Contract between the viewer and the box.

    Advertising in the discovery bar mentioned. If something is an advert we flag it so a subscriber know its an advert.

    Tells you why something is promoted in the discovery bar. Learning that intensely personalization results in no surprise. This is not good. Deliberately throwing surprises. Editorializing for diversity.

    Massive database problem. Encountering problems that most people haven't hit yet.

    Average consumer wants to search for content.

    Platform is a bit like what we first received the internet. Discovery of new content just happens when a user begins to search. Next generation of search and discovery.

    Integrated linear and demand. Standard EPG that goes back in time 7 days. "unmiss" a program. [Very Cool Feature!] Catch-up television on their service. Two clicks and play.

    Remote control of choice and the input of choice. Manage the experience in a consumer friendly way that doesn't require a consumer to change inputs.

    Majority of customers actually want to watch TV and consume media.

    Apps & Games. Usual suspects. This is not a computer on the television. Television experience that has interactivity. 60+% penetration of the triple-play. Lets not pretend that somewhat is going to use the TV instead of the computer. Interactive apps are geared towards a new experience. Integrated in a TV-centric way. Facebook understands that you have a network of friends. If you press 3 thumbs up could send a message to a group of facebook friends that I want to share the TV program I'm watching. If they have a TiVo at home they can select the program and automatically record it. (Just an example of what could be done - indicative only).

    Through The Middle ("TTM") approach

    Managed easy to use solution. It comes through the cable. Integrates everything. Protection of kids from offensive or dangerous content. SIMPLE! Industry standards and APIs.


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