'Virgin' Image File for 648250B??

Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by chasleighton, Feb 3, 2021.

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    I have a TCD 648250B lifetime unit that I have written a hard drive image obtained here. Everything boots fine and looks good with the exception that I can't record any programs. I can pause live tv and get a program guide but that's about it. I get the 'error 51' message when going to Tivo Central. When I clear and delete everything the unit will not boot. I get to the 'just a few minutes more' screen and then shortly thereafter, the screen starts flashing. I have let that continue for up to 24 hours and it never gets any further. When I reimage the hard drive again, it boots, connects, downloads and seems fine except I'm back to 'error 51' again. Is there such a thing as a 'virgin' image with out the serial information that will 'marry' the mainboard and hard drive?

    Found this tidbit on a website:

    Many TiVo owners encounter this message when moving image files around from unit to unit, or downloading an image file from the internet. The image file was taken from a serialized unit, and when imaged back onto a drive, it still expects to find that original motherboard.

    So...looking for an image file without serialized number. Does such an animal exist??

    Thanks in advance for any insight on this problem. _newb
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    You were given a virgin image. The problem is that you must run Clear & Delete Everything. You would also need to get the power supply capacitors replaced (common problem in this series). C&DE does take a long time and what happens also is the image is married to the Tivo MB and allows recording.

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