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    This has probably been covered, but I was unable to find it. I am moving into an area that has Comcast cable, but not an area that uses the TiVo boxes for their DVR. I was planning on buying a box and renting their cable cards to put in it. Here is my question if I get two more TiVo's, but do not get cable cards for them, will I be still be able to wirelessly send shows between the boxes over my network? I realize that I will need to have wireless set up in the house and that each box will need a wireless adapter. I just hate renting more of their cards than I have too. Thanks in advance for the help.
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    I can't comment on the CableCARD question (I'm OTA, and not in a area serviced by Comcast), but if possible, look into a wired network configuration for more reliable transfers. If running CAT6 cable isn't desirable, MoCA is an alternative to extend your network over existing coax cable. I live in an apartment, and opted for such a solution.
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    Yes you will be able to send shows to other Tivos, whether they have a cable card or not.
    However, chances are that Comcast will have most channels (except for OTA locals) copy protected, which will render transferring and MRV useless.
    Check this thread to see if Comcast in your area is listed.
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    If you don't get cable cards, you will NOT BE ABLE TO RECORD(*) ANY DIGITAL CHANNELS on the Tivo.

    You need cable cards.

    Also, I disagree with steve614. Most of the stuff I record on comcast is not protected.

    (*) Not in the way that a Tivo is intended to be used. You can manually record channels, but they won't show up with their show name or anything useful.. If you want to do that, use a third party recorder.
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    You can do without the cards, but you'll still need a TiVo service subscription for each unit.
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    Perhaps Comcast is different but the above would be wrong for Time Warner Cable. If you don't have CableCARD(s) you still can tune the analog (SD only) channels and TiVo guide data covers them just as it does digital channels. This is true because TWC (at least my TWC system) has analog-digital simulcast, in which both analog and digital channels are on the cable. They appear at the same 0-99 channel numbers also, although they are actually being tuned at different frequencies. Also copy protection is generally different between analog and digital channels. On my system almost all digital channels are copy protected (no MRV, no TTG) while the analog versions are not.

    If you don't have CableCARD(s) and tune "clear QAM" channels, then you have the problem of no TiVo guide data. These channels are provided as digital cable channels for the local broadcast stations. TiVo's digital tuners will tune them -- CableCARD(s) are not needed, since all they do is decrypt and these channels are clear, i.e., not encrypted. TiVo guide data simply doesn't cover these channels -- there are technical complications involved but not worth trying to explain.

    OTA channels (received via the antenna input on the TiVo) will have TiVo guide data regardless of any other factors. Note that many of these channels will be exactly the same signal as the clear QAM cable channels.

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