Video Stuttering + Card Reader Problems

Discussion in 'DirecTV TiVo Powered PVRs & Receivers' started by hoyty, Mar 13, 2007.

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    I have been reading previous topics on this issue and I just wanted to see if there are any newer explinations. I turned on the TiVo today and I was getting stuttering video and an intermitent "Insert Access Card" message. I first tried rebooting and it didn't seem to improve anything, and may have made it worse. With the card in I would get stuttering on OTA as well as DTV. If I pull the card the OTA works fine. I am able to watch already recorded shows without issue. When I watch a recorded show without the card the insert message stays up, I can insert the card and the message goes away.

    At one point I was in the system information screen and the line for access card just kept hopping between insert card and the card ID. I called DTV and tried another card and it did the same thing, just bouncing back and forth.

    At this point the card seems to work fine when all it is doing is indicating it is there, but as soon as it attempts to do decryption the problems happen. This all seems to point to a bad card reader. I don't want to lose my shows nor hope for another HR10-250 from DTV. I am thinking of sending it to CCS. Is there anything else anyone would recommend trying first? It seems odd that the card will work in being detected but not decrypting. Thanks.
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    I noticed this same problem after the 6.2c upgrade. I did a couple of restarts and haven't had the problem. Just to be safe, I do a reset ever couple days. My HR10 is not hacked. I think there are numerous threads on here about this problem.

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