Video problems after changing drive on a Premiere

Discussion in 'TiVo Premiere DVRs' started by nraygun, Apr 16, 2020.

  1. nraygun

    nraygun New Member

    Nov 28, 2003


    I have a TiVo Premiere TCD746320 that would no longer boot up (all LEDs blinking on the front) so I tried copying the drive to a spare server SATA drive I had laying around (500GB Hitachi 7200RPM).
    While the copy worked, and the TiVo now boots up with the replacement drive(yay!), I get video corruption/blocky quality while watching live TV.

    The replacement drive is pretty old.

    Do I need to get a brand new Western Digital drive(like maybe a Purple?) or is there something else going on with my TiVo?
  2. High Technology

    High Technology Member

    Apr 16, 2006
    One possible issue is that the power supply can't support the 7200RPM server drive.Those would seem to be performance drives, and could draw a lot of power. Needless to say, given the heat generation and power draw I would not plan on using that drive for the long term.

    Since the device boots, you could try a CLEAR and DELETE EVERYTHING -- it's possible your old drive's failure caused all sorts of corruption issues. I assume you still have the old drive, in case you're able to copy it again to a new drive -- but I am not holding out a lot of hope if the CLEAR and DELETE EVERYTHING resolves the blocky video...
  3. ggieseke

    ggieseke Well-Known Member

    May 30, 2008
    Have you tried the image that I sent you?
  4. nraygun

    nraygun New Member

    Nov 28, 2003
    I haven't tried the new image yet. The drive seems to be working better now but given HighTechnology's comment, I may end up getting a new lower speed drive.
    I've seen lots of folks recommend a 5400rpm Red WD drive.

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