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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by Lunara, Jan 22, 2006.

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    Has anyone run into this before? I just upgraded to digital cable (Cox) and I've set up my system like this: The only difference is that there's a splitter on the system which by-passes the cable box so I can record one thing and watch another. Also, there aren't any jacks on the back of the tv, so there's a converter box. (I know, it's an old tv..) All channels except the Video On Demand, including premium, come in fine.

    The thing is this, if I use the TiVo remote to go to the channel 01, it doesn't like it. It keeps flashing like it doesn't know that channel, finally it does come in, but as a 900 music channel (TiVo's Info button shows 01) the On-Demand window menu never appears. Same thing happens if I try the 199 HBO on demand channel. I've checked both and they are selected as channels in my Channel lineup for TiVo.

    Now, if I use the Cox remote, I get the On- Demand window as I should. I can navigate the windows fine but anything I select, I only get audio - no video. Just a black screen. The pause etc buttons on the Cox Remote work fine in the screens.

    I called Cox - they have no clue and want to send someone out. He never asked and I didn't think to mention that there's a TiVo and other components in the mix.

    So, what do the experts think is the reason? Any suggestions? I hate to do it, but I think I may have to disassemble the cable box and try it straight from the cable in to see if it's Cox or TiVo. But before I do, is there something I'm missing??

    Thanks in advance...

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