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Discussion in 'TiVo Help Center' started by stang56, Aug 11, 2011.

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    Hi all. I am having trouble with my TIVO desktop and videoredo. After transferring a file to the computer I am getting a lot of video dimension changes when I use videoredo. This in turn has caused the program to require the use of the quickstream fix to reformat the video. This results in less resolution which makes the picture blurrier. I've been using videoredo for several years and not had this problem before but the last six months or so I have been getting a lot of these video dimension changes. They seem to have started after I upgraded my videoredo program. However, I reinstalled my previous version of videoredo and it did not correct the problem. Has anyone figured out a good way to fix this problem? Is it the fault of videoredo, has TIVO done something or is it the fault of TiVo desktop? Anyone have a solution?

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    Running QSF doesn't reduce resolution in general. The only way it would do that is if you're using TVSuite Ver. 4 and using an output profile that forces a resolution reduction, i.e., forces transcoding (to resize). Transcoding also will cause the QSF to take much longer than the usual minute or two per GB.

    Have you tried posting on the VideoReDo forums? Also, the Home Media forum here is a better place for this issue.

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