Very odd Tuning Adapter Dropping Sync with the TiVo Cable Card

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    Dec 30, 2019


    Provider: Spectrum/Sammons/Charter/Marcus... Whatever they are called today.
    Location: Los Angeles foothills.
    Device: Tivo Bolt and Romaio with Cable cards and Cisco Tuning adapters

    Problem: Beginning in mid Dec 2019 thru Jan 2020, both Tivo boxes would connect on ANY channel for 3-10min, loose their connection/sync between the CC and TA, then reconnect for 3-10min. This happened all day, 7 days a week for weeks. Obviously, all recordings failed w/in a few minutes...

    We have had multiple service calls, and even replaced the run to the house from the pole. I've had multiple Tivos since my first Pioneer S2, and I've never seen this problem, and we have had no changes in house wiring for months...

    It turns out (as of yesterday) the problem is old (1950's era) house wiring (in the wall where my Bolt is setup) with a small current traveling back down the common.

    Fix: We have run a grounded extension cord to a properly grounded plug (showing no voltage on the common). The system is stable, all channels are showing up, and recordings are complete. Somehow, this was feeding voltage down the cable and disrupted both Tivo boxes, and resulted in the sync problem.

    Looks like I need to run new romex to the plug for the Bolt, and I think I'll install a power conditioning UPS on both setups.
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    That is odd! I wonder what caused it to suddenly start up? One thought is a few shorted windings in one 120V leg of the transformer supplying your home. The resulting imbalance might lead to heavy currents in your common (neutral) wiring, thus creating the voltage. It would be interesting to measure the voltages on the two legs.
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